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This is your chance to finally step into your full authentic power and experience the life you are truly dreaming of living.


What you'll get:
  • This is where you will Free Yourself and Take your life to new levels, fast.

    -7 Weeks of Transformation Plus A Sacred LIVE, IN PERSON SACRED 3 Day Transformational Event IN SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA!!



    ~Your Soul Purpose connection and Invocation

    -Powerful Enlightenment 

    -Special bonus guided divine energy attunement meditation

    -Bonus Natal Birth Chart with Soul Purpose expressions

    -Bonus Solar Return Report for a deep dive into what is yet to come

    -Bonus group astrological reading with Shannon Murray

    -Bonus group Soul Purpose & Core Self Worth Divine Effect® with Randina Marie

    -Guided Visualizations to Reprogram Belief Patterns, Limitations, and your inner child -Reprogramming/Rewiring Limitations/Belief Processes

    -"Divine Effect”® Inner world, Ancestral and karma Healing transformations

    -”Light of Love Process”™ Trauma Eliminator

    -Unique log-in and Access to Membership Portal

    -Lifetime Access

    -2 Classes/Transformational sessions Per Week leading up to the event; natal birth chart, Soul purpose discovery, Soul gifts, Destiny and past life lunar nodes + deep diving into your Soul

    -Laser Coaching & Q&A Calls

    -Video and Call Course Format

    -Program Workbook downloads

    -Life long Soul Sister Connections in the private Facebook group and in REAL LIFE

    -Traveling to one of the most beautiful places in the world!

    -Weekly Energy Activations

    -Your Full Power Realized

    -Your Trauma Transcended

    -Your Soul Purpose Discovered

    -Reign as the Sovereign Queen You Truly Are

    -A life of True Freedom and Deep fulfillment


    - 3 Day In Person Sacred Live Event

     *This is a $42,997 Valued Package




If you would like to schedule a discovery call to inquire about VIP options, email [email protected] to schedule a 15 minute Discovery session.

What People Are Saying:

Thank you, Randina!! The changes in my life in the last 18 months have been both MIRACULOUS and BEAUTIFUL!! Randina helped me shift decades of self-hatred and transform them into a self-love I never believed possible. As I write this, I cry tears of joy, because her Divine gifts have given me everything from a sense of true self love, a manifestation of a career towards my soul purpose, and a transformation of my relationships with my children, my husband, and myself. Her intuitive gifts have allowed me to experience a stronger connection to the Source of all creation, and the power the Divine Feminine has in our lives- I am so connected to my inner being and the entire heavenly realm, because of her true devotion to each souls individual awakening and needs. I have never felt more appreciative to have her as a guide on my Spiritual Awakening and will be eternally grateful for her never-ending love for every woman to rise to her truest and best self! With all my heart and soul, thank you, Randina Marie!!!! Together we truly RISE!

Michelle Kenney

I always yearned for healing. The traditional ways hadn't worked for me. I was divinely guided, like you, here. Through her exclusive rapid transformation process, the Divine Effect, Randina has seamlessly guided me, with ease-step by step, in reprogramming my own limiting patterns and beliefs. This unique process has brought me a new awareness and the ability to fully agree on both a subconscious and conscious level to heal wounds allowing me to be a vibrational match to my desires and highest self. The Divine Effect as well as personal sessions and courses, have given me the tools to continue on this path of enlightenment and transcendence. I am forever appreciative and honored to be a part of this light. Thank you Randina.

Emily Iona

Once I was so lost in my thoughts that created so much darkness for me. Randina Marie came along with The Divine Effect to heal me on a very deep subconscious level, wounds I had buried that never knew existed. She taught me how to use these thoughts and patterns an heal them subconsciously and also though my cells. Having her and these techniques has healed my mind from the self hate I always preached. It also healed my relationships and they way I saw how I reacted to them. Literally has been my life raft! Now I can see them with all she taught me and transmute them to love! She’s such an incredible mentor. The divine effect saved and healed my life! Body, Mind and Soul! I can never Thank you enough!

Amanda Aikman

Working with Randina is pure magic. At times I would be laying in bed, driving to work...going about my day & all of a sudden a feeling of warm pure bliss would come over me & an absolute knowing that all is ok. The first few times I texted Randina “something is definitely going on” & she would text back that she had just been working on me...It is the best!

Kelley K.

My life prior to meeting Randina was in a dark place. I had been in a marriage that was broken, I was depressed and probably suffering to some extent of PTSD from all the emotional abuse I had been experience. I started working with Randina in one of her yearlong courses, my first month was unbelievable, and I literally felt euphoric after one month of clearing out some old limiting beliefs and working on healing. I could not believe how different and amazing I felt. Literally on a natural high. I began to change everything in my life, what I ate, what I put on my body, what I read, what I thought and felt. I started to lose weight and began sleeping again; I had been an insomniac for close to 10 years. I even look at money completely different, and started to create more in my life and windfalls. Some of the things that have changed in my life as a result of my work with Randina, EVERYTHING! The way I see myself, I love myself and see myself as my true authentic self, beautiful. I see others different, I look at their souls and hearts, and I see the goodness in the world, there is so much. My relationships have changed, I have release and healed my relationship with just about every person I love, the people important in my life have changed because of the work I have done. It is true, when you change others change too, Randina taught me that from the very beginning. I am forever grateful to her; I am crying tears of joy now as I write this, realizing how my life is so different and so beautiful the world truly is. I will forever be so grateful to Randina, I love her, she is a gift to this world. She really is the Queen of rapid transformation, as I saw changes immediately when I began the course, and I am still changing and growing and now I love each experience and see growth as a opportunity.

Kelly Hayward

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