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7 Day FREE Manifesting Challenge With The Archangels

Awaken Your Gifts With The Angels & Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams

7 Day Manifesting With The Archangels Challenge!

Each day you will be emailed a new Divine Angelic Meditation and your manifesting challenge for the day.

We will have a live Angel reading session in our facebook group and you will have a chance to receive messages from your guides!

You will also have a membership portal where all of your content and meditations are available for you to use again and again!


In this 7 day manifesting challenge you will:

  • ~Connect to the Archangels like never before
  • ~Experience Divine Awakenings that you will viscerally feel
  • ~Witness the Angelic presence transform your life
  • ~Experience Synchronicity and Serendipity more powerfully than you can imagine
  • ~Have your gifts awakened and your intuition strengthened
  • ~Learn how to Manifest with the Angels
  • ~Feel a sense of Purpose and Direction that can only be felt with Angelic blessings


What you will receive:

  • ~A "Vision My Life Into Being" Practice To Kick Off The Challenge and a Bonus Divine Attunement™ to energetically charge you for connection and success in your life!
  • ~7 Archangel Divine Attunements™ (energetically charged and infused meditations) 1 new Archangel for each day
  • ~A new Manifesting Challenge each day
  • ~Soul Sister connection In our Sacred Society Facebook group
  • ~A chance to win a $50 Gift card and a Divine Effect® Magic And Miracles Crystal Gift Box with rare and powerfully charged crystals in it ($397 value). 
  • ~3 Chances to win mystery prizes
  • ~A new life full of Angels



What People Are Saying about this work:

I can feel myself "shifting" in so many ways and I truly love the feeling.   I for the first time since my pre-teens feel worthy,  I feel like I am a valuable person,  that I deserve to be Loved,  and for the first time Ever I Love myself.


A lot of my old beliefs was trusting in myself and I am getting better and better at it! You have been such a blessing with your guidance and wisdom! You helped me truly know God and the angels and now we dance everyday! I see signs everywhere


Thank you for your love, healing, and everything you have taught me. So much in my life has changed in such a short amount of time. It’s unbelievable to me actually, how quickly the universe has responded. Love you!


Randina , I wouldn’t be where I’m at without you!!! I’m seriously so grateful ! I just love you and your soul so much. It’s not just me but everyone can feel your incredible presence.


I am so connected it's exhilarating 💖
I am open to recieving ALL of the abundance the universe is sending my way!🙏
I am so grateful and overwhelmed with joy as the shifting is occurring. Yay!

Sara C.

Oh my!! Just now i got this random unexpected money!!!.. I'm so amazed at grateful for this work we are doing!!!