21 Day Abundance Activation Challenge

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Become The Frequency Of Abundance And Experience Unlimited Prosperity


21 Day Abundance Activation Challenge Digital Program!


  • ~ The exact processes and tools I used to generate multiple 6 figures a year like magic, each and every day for 21 days!
  • ~21 Days of Daily Abundance Activation Attunements™ to Activate And Align You With The Frequency Of Abundance And Prosperity
  • ~Daily Abundance Challenges to Activate The Frequency Of Abundance and Make You A Magnet For All You Desire
  • ~Daily Live Interaction With Randina And Her Abundance Team (during the live version only: all lives will be available to watch in our sacred 21 Day Abundance Activation Challenge facebook group)
  • ~ Divine Connection To The Forces Of The Universe And Your Soul With Bonus Connection Rituals To Awaken Your Divinity





What People Are Saying:

After the deposit I saw that I had $12,000 in cash saved!!!! Adding this to my $5000 I realized I had manifested $17,000!!!


I am thankful and blessed I received a large paycheck and good consignment payout 🙏


I'm really pleased that I've manifested unexpected money and a client booking for a spiritual guidance session with a client I've not worked with in years. I've also started prioritizing myself more which is quite a big deal for me. Something must be working. Feeling more grateful. 🥰


Feeling that money come & flow right now. Unexpected $10 from work, unexpected gift from a person at work. Unexpected discount on an item at target last night. Unexpected extra item in my online order the other day on the house. I have a real estate closing today,.. all the good vibes please!!


I was so surprised by receiving unexpected money today!!! I feel so blessed!!!


Oh my!! Just now i got this random unexpected money!!!


Just in case anyone was wondering if Randina was legit!! I have been actively doing every single manifesting trick out there for 20 full months to manifest my dream car! Day 5 in her sacred money challenge and I got word that we qualified for a loan providing we came up with the down payment!! Which was no big deal because taxes were coming back within days right? Wrong! (had some healing and forgiving to do) Then out of nowhere, the money just showed up! Today! On a Sunday! Serious! Randina is the real deal! Thank you girl! I owe you sooo much!... Talk about rapid Transformation!

Celeste J

After working with Randina, I was able to heal parts of myself that were blocking an abundance of blessings to flow into my life. One of these blessings I've experienced recently was money flow opening up for me. I got a $4,000 bonus. I have told Randina several times how grateful I am for her, because she has truly changed my life in more ways than one!

Taylor A.

Randina helped me in ways that more than doubled my income, fast. I am so grateful to her, and anyone who works with her is blessed. Thank you, Randina!

Airen W.

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