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Earth Star Chakra 30 Day Transformation

Live Your Life In Connection With All Of Life And Watch Synchronicities And Serendipitous Moments Become Your Norm



What you'll get:

  • ~30 Days of Transformational processes

    ~Soulwork Book and Class Session

    ~Tools To Manifest Your Desires With All Of Life

    ~Divine Effect® Transformational Reprogramming Session

    ~Reiki/Theta Earth Star Clearing Session

    ~Daily Divine Attunement™ Meditation to Accelerate Manifestations

    ~Fear Based Belief Systems Of Life On Earth Healed And Transcended

    ~Profound Connection With Mother Earth

    ~The Forces Of The Universe Working For You And With You

    ~A Life Transformed


    "Like whoa. This practice was surprisingly moving, beautiful, and powerful. I can honestly say that all the trees are my new friends! :) All of nature and life. I feel a symbiotic relationship of reverence, love and support with Gaia that I never had before."



    “Completed the Earth Star Chakra video and decided to take on your advice and demand Archangel Michael to give me a windfall. 😳 well shit. It worked. 😂 this is so insanely crazy. I can’t even believe this. 😱 I usually end the month with 7 new customers in 1 month. Well I processed 8 new client orders today 7 for myself and even my husband snuck one in today. 😳 Thank you Angels & Guides. I am so excited and I can feel how that excitement and happy energy creates even more momentum where it’s focused. 😭

    ~Alexis Savage








What Others Are Saying:

Thank you, Randina!! The changes in my life in the last 18 months have been both MIRACULOUS and BEAUTIFUL!! Randina helped me shift decades of self-hatred and transform them into a self-love I never believed possible. As I write this, I cry tears of joy, because her Divine gifts have given me everything from a sense of true self love, a manifestation of a career towards my soul purpose, and a transformation of my relationships with my children, my husband, and myself. Her intuitive gifts have allowed me to experience a stronger connection to the Source of all creation, and the power the Divine Feminine has in our lives- I am so connected to my inner being and the entire heavenly realm, because of her true devotion to each souls individual awakening and needs. I have never felt more appreciative to have her as a guide on my Spiritual Awakening and will be eternally grateful for her never-ending love for every woman to rise to her truest and best self! With all my heart and soul, thank you, Randina Marie!!!! Together we truly RISE!

Michelle K

“I always yearned for healing. The traditional ways hadn't worked for me. I was divinely guided, like you, here. Through her exclusive rapid transformation process, the Divine Effect, Randina has seamlessly guided me, with ease-step by step, in reprogramming my own limiting patterns and beliefs. This unique process has brought me a new awareness and the ability to fully agree on both a subconscious and conscious level to heal wounds allowing me to be a vibrational match to my desires and highest self. The Divine Effect as well as personal sessions and courses, have given me the tools to continue on this path of enlightenment and transcendence. I am forever appreciative and honored to be a part of this light. Thank you Randina. ”

Emily Iona