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Kelly H

"My life prior to meeting Randina was in a dark place.  I had been in a marriage that was broken, I was depressed and probably suffering to some extent of PTSD from all the emotional abuse I had experienced.  I started working with Randina in one of her yearlong courses, my first month was unbelievable, and I literally felt euphoric after one month of clearing out some old limiting beliefs and working on healing.  I could not believe how different and amazing I felt.  Literally on a natural high.  I began to change everything in my life, what I ate, what I put on my body, what I read, what I thought and felt.  I started to lose weight and began sleeping again; I had been an insomniac for close to 10 years.  I even look at money completely different, and started to create more in my life and windfalls.  Some of the things that have changed in my life as a result of my work with Randina, EVERYTHING! The way I see myself, I love myself and see myself as my true authentic self, beautiful.  I see others different, I look at their souls and hearts, and I see the goodness in the world, there is so much.  My relationships have changed, I have released and healed my relationship with just about every person I love, the people important in my life have changed because of the work I have done.  It is true, when you change others change too, Randina taught me that from the very beginning.  

I am forever grateful to her; I am crying tears of joy now as I write this, realizing how my life is so different and so beautiful the world truly is.  I will forever be so grateful to Randina, I love her, she is a gift to this world.  She really is the Queen of rapid transformation, as I saw changes immediately when I began the course, and I am still changing and growing and now I love each experience and see growth as an opportunity." 




Michelle K

“Thank you, Randina!! The changes in my life in the last 18 months have been both MIRACULOUS and BEAUTIFUL!! Randina helped me shift decades of self-hatred and transform them into a self-love I never believed possible. As I write this, I cry tears of joy, because her Divine gifts have given me everything from a sense of true self love, a manifestation of a career towards my soul purpose, and a transformation of my relationships with my children, my husband, and myself. Her intuitive gifts have allowed me to experience a stronger connection to the Source of all creation, and the power the Divine Feminine has in our lives- I am so connected to my inner being and the entire heavenly realm, because of her true devotion to each souls individual awakening and needs. I have never felt more appreciative to have her as a guide on my Spiritual Awakening and will be eternally grateful for her never-ending love for every woman to rise to her truest and best self! With all my heart and soul, thank you, Randina Marie!!!! Together we truly RISE!”




Bridgette I

“Within 3 hours of doing the X44 ritual Day One I manifested 40k. I have a private client that is going to work with me for a full year.. Randina I am astonished - I have been manifesting for years and a big amount like this has never flown in so fast with so little effort. I am blown away and wanted to share the abundant vibes with our sacred sisterhood.”




“Randina, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you. You have taught me so much, I have learned so much by you, you helped me to get to where I am today. You helped me to see and learn who I was and guided me on my own path to where I can help others. I can’t even describe the feelings of gratitude, love, joy, peace, and freedom. Freedom in that I finally have accepted who I am, freedom in that I can help others and that they are seeking my help, I just had to let you know that. Thank you, love you.” 





“After 10 yrs of Marriage and kids with my High school Sweetheart, I found myself restless, unhappy, resentful and unfulfilled. I changed my hair, my clothes, some of my habits…even turned to others for distraction or guidance, but nothing worked. Over the years my Husband and I had become roommates functioning toward a common goal of existing and raising kids, and had lost our connection almost completely. We decided Divorce was our only option. It was a dark and sad time for our entire Family.

During that transition period of separation, I began to work on myself and look inward to heal some of what I knew was broken. I didnt want to enter into another relationship with emotional baggage and I definitely felt like ‘damaged goods.’

Then something amazing began to happen…the more I healed inside of me, the more my outer World began to come together. I’ve always known he and I are Soulmates. I just didn’t know how to fix what was broken. The answer lied in self-healing. In just under 2 years, my husband and I have gone from being separated on the verge of Divorce, to being closer and more in love than ever. I never would have believed back then that we could be where we are today.

I believe that the key to happiness is found when you learn to love yourself and heal what is hurting within you. Only then can you accept and give the love you truly want.  Thank you Randina for guiding me on this healing journey. Your healing and guidance has been the light in the dark.”



"Using the attraction rituals Randina taught me, caused my soul mate to walk into my life in two months time. I had been single for some time and couldn't seem to find a man I wanted to spend an entire date with, let alone the rest of my life. After only a few sessions with her, I completely let go of old limitations that were keeping me stuck, was able to really know the truth of my value and my worth, and I felt confident and beautiful while interacting with men. I never had this before her. Now I am married to my soul mate and I am so thankful to her for helping me to live my dreams in love with my best friend. Not only did my dreams for a soulmate come true, the rituals worked for money too!"

April P.

"I know my journey with Randina led to my Love. She has a powerful gift of emotional healing, intuition and manifestation. She got through to me even when I resisted the process. The most powerful experience I had was when she reworked an old memory that I thought I was over, but was still an open wound for me. Thank you Randina. What you do for women is remarkable. What you did for me is nothing short of a Miracle."





"I can feel myself "shifting" in so many ways and I truly love the feeling. I for the first time since my pre-teens feel worthy,  I feel like I am a valuable person,  that I deserve to be Loved,  and for the first time Ever I Love myself. And I can say it without a negative feeling.  I don't feel that shame that I was conditioned with as a child. I can now say that I am worthy of having Abundance of money and materialistic things..I would say you've helped me more than any counselor and any one else ever has with my healing and becoming or getting back to my true self.. Thank you so much.. Have a Blessed day Randina." 




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