Like you, I was born with infinite power, but it took decades of agonizing heartache and chaos to learn how to embrace it. Two weeks before my 17th birthday, I watched my mother die, a victim of domestic violence. I didn't realize until years later, that I was following in her footsteps and repeating old toxic patterns. With 2 children and only $20 left in my pocket, I ended my toxic relationship and dove head first into the unknown.

My life was indeed one tragic story after another, but looking back, I would not be where I am today without it all. I learned to be reborn in the fire, and now I not only live an incredibly blessed life, I also help thousands of others to do the same.


The Rise Of The Sacred Feminine Is Here. It's Time For You To Discover The Purpose Of Your Soul, And The Power Of Your Being.


Divine Woman, all of the desires within your heart are there because they are seeking you, too. What you desire, desires you. You would not have a dream in your heart or a desire from your Soul if it weren’t for you to experience. All you have to do is open to receiving that which you are asking for.




Futures shift.


Right now you may feel like you want something more out of life, like something is calling you to live a bigger life. Once you step into your true power and surrender to it, you’ll shift into rising up in Divine femme presence, sensuality and power, and Things will begin happening for you like magic. Only then can you truly live the life of freedom your Soul came here to live.


Your Soul has guided you here for a reason, and you’re being asked to fan the flames of your sacred rising.




About Randina Marie And Her Work


"Queen of Rapid Transformation": Soul Purpose Mentor, Founder Of The Power Of A Woman: Mastering The Keys To Manifesting, Gifted Intuitive, Licensed Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Certified Life & Money Coach, Author, Speaker, Master Healer, Creator of The Divine Effect®, Divine Feminine Spiritual Teacher, Manifesting & Soul Purpose Business Mentor.

"I work with women to Awaken their Feminine Power to create their lives their way, in connection and in unison with the Universe. I guide them through their own Soul Purpose spiritual awakening, and I teach them how to manifest a Purpose driven life they love.


 I use my gifts and abilities to discover and transform the hidden limitations and traumas that are secretly blocking them from experiencing their hearts truest desires, and I teach them how to harness and engage the Power of the  Universe to create their lives, their way, in alignment with their true purpose."


The Power To Create Your Life By Your Own Design Is Within You. 


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"Thank you, Randina!! The changes in my life in the last 18 months have been both MIRACULOUS and BEAUTIFUL!! Randina helped me shift decades of self-hatred and transform them into a self-love I never believed possible. As I write this, I cry tears of joy, because her Divine gifts have given me everything from a sense of true self love, a manifestation of a career towards my soul purpose, and a transformation of my relationships with my children, my husband, and myself. Her intuitive gifts have allowed me to experience a stronger connection to the Source of all creation, and the power the Divine Feminine has in our lives- I am so connected to my inner being and the entire heavenly realm, because of her true devotion to each souls individual awakening and needs. I have never felt more appreciative to have her as a guide on my Spiritual Awakening and will be eternally grateful for her never-ending love for every woman to rise to her truest and best self! With all my heart and soul, thank you, Randina Marie!!!! Together we truly RISE!"

Michelle Kenney
The Power Of True Transformation

"I know my journey with Randina led to my Love. She has a powerful gift of emotional healing, intuition and manifestation. She got through to me even when I resisted the process. The most powerful experience I had was when she reworked an old memory that I thought I was over, but was still an open wound for me. Thank you Randina. What you do for women is remarkable. What you did for me is nothing short of a Miracle."

April P.

"I always yearned for healing. The traditional ways hadn't worked for me. I was divinely guided, like you, here. Through her exclusive rapid transformation process, the Divine Effect, Randina has seamlessly guided me, with ease-step by step, in reprogramming my own limiting patterns and beliefs. This unique process has brought me a new awareness and the ability to fully agree on both a subconscious and conscious level to heal wounds allowing me to be a vibrational match to my desires and highest self. The Divine Effect as well as personal sessions and courses, have given me the tools to continue on this path of enlightenment and transcendence. I am forever appreciative and honored to be a part of this light. Thank you Randina."

Emily Iona
The Power Of Healing Energy

"Dearest Randina, thank you for the healing session last week. It was incredible, already before the session and during I felt the healing & clearings. I truly admire your power- I have had many healings before, and never so powerful and deep as yours. I feel confident, peaceful and powerful, and happy to shine my light. "


"One of these blessings I've experienced recently was money flow opening up for me. I got a $4,000 bonus. I have told Randina several times how grateful I am for her, because she has truly changed my life in more ways than one!"

Taylor G.
The Power Of Abundance

"The past events in my life that were negatively affecting me “disappeared”. Randina helps me to get to the root of the issue within minutes. She is a natural, and I feel very comfortable in her care. Randina is an indispensable component of both my past and future life. I am incredibly appreciative to be in her presence, and would happily pay double from across the world to have access to her knowledge and inspiration. Her influence has led me understand my potential, which has resulted in exponential growth in health and wealth in all aspects of my life. Everyone should have a Randina in their life. "

Danielle Rae

"Thank you SO MUCH for everything! God Bless You and Yours for the light you are spreading in this world by sharing your treasures. On January 1, 2018, I did the New You process. I did the God's List in the summer. I did so many meditations, practices and all the inner work that was available to me. During the last months of 2018, my greatest desires landed in my hands so gracefully: my career goals, the feeling about my family and my job, my daily routine / work schedule (my mornings!). I taught women in my country the Heart Opening Love meditation which has been my core practice and has shifted my life in so many ways (I recorded the technique and the video has been viewed over 1K times in a few weeks!). I even started a course for women in my country; I received the sum in my bank account, reached the desired rank in my MLM, and I am so blessed and grateful beyond words! We will have a Baby this year. I can't imagine what my life would have been if I hadn't found you Randina Marie! Thank you for inviting me on this Sacred Journey with you; thank you Divine Intelligence, thank you Divine Love, thank you all Angels and Guides! "

Inga P.
The Power Of Love

"Once I was so lost in my thoughts that created so much darkness for me. Randina Marie came along with The Divine Effect to heal me on a very deep subconscious level, wounds I had buried that never knew existed. She taught me how to use these thoughts and patterns an heal them subconsciously and also though my cells. Having her and these techniques has healed my mind from the self hate I always preached. It also healed my relationships and they way I saw how I reacted to them. Literally has been my life raft! Now I can see them with all she taught me and transmute them to love! She’s such an incredible mentor. The divine effect saved and healed my life! Body, Mind and Soul! I can never Thank you enough!"

Amanda A
The Power Of Light

"My life prior to meeting Randina was in a dark place. I had been in a marriage that was broken, I was depressed and probably suffering to some extent of PTSD from all the emotional abuse I had been experience. I started working with Randina in one of her yearlong courses, my first month was unbelievable, and I literally felt euphoric after one month of clearing out some old limiting beliefs and working on healing. I could not believe how different and amazing I felt. Literally on a natural high. I began to change everything in my life, what I ate, what I put on my body, what I read, what I thought and felt. I started to lose weight and began sleeping again; I had been an insomniac for close to 10 years. I even look at money completely different, and started to create more in my life and windfalls. Some of the things that have changed in my life as a result of my work with Randina, EVERYTHING! The way I see myself, I love myself and see myself as my true authentic self, beautiful. I see others different, I look at their souls and hearts, and I see the goodness in the world, there is so much. My relationships have changed, I have release and healed my relationship with just about every person I love, the people important in my life have changed because of the work I have done. It is true, when you change others change too, Randina taught me that from the very beginning. I am forever grateful to her; I am crying tears of joy now as I write this, realizing how my life is so different and so beautiful the world truly is. I will forever be so grateful to Randina, I love her, she is a gift to this world. She really is the Queen of rapid transformation, as I saw changes immediately when I began the course, and I am still changing and growing and now I love each experience and see growth as an opportunity."

Kelly Hayward

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