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About Randina Marie

Transformational Queen of Rapid Transformation: Licensed Master Neuro- Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Author, Speaker, Angelic-Goddess Reiki Healer, Creator of The Divine Effect®, Spiritual Teacher, Soul Purpose Awakening Guide and Soul Purpose Business Mentor.

"I work with women to Awaken their inner Feminine Power to create their lives in connection with all of the unseen. I teach them how to heal and transcend the inner wounding that is secretly keeping them stuck so they can be in flow, and live the life their Soul cam here to live. I absolutely love teaching women how to discover and Align with their Souls True Divine Purpose in connection with Universal forces, so they can experience their hearts truest desires, and serve the light from their hearts. #togetherWeRise

 I use my gifts and abilities to discover and transform the hidden limitations and traumas that are secretly "blocking" them from experiencing their hearts truest desires, and I teach them how to harness and engage the Power of the Force of the Universe, so they can create a deeply fulfilling and meaningful life, being who they truly are, doing what they really came here to do, receiving the love and wealth they truly deserve."


Many know her as the Queen of Rapid Transformation. A Divine channel of Light. A Rainbow Bridge.

She is a powerful intuitive and has Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient abilities that she utilizes to facilitate the healing of core fractures and hidden limitations, blocks, and barriers within people, releasing them from the karmic density cycle (Karmic Density cycle= repeating painful patterns and lessons over and over) so they can be free to do what they came here to do, in love with who they are, and the gifts that they bring to this world. Randina is what is called an "open channel" and She teaches women all around the world how to awaken and activate their own gifts, while at the same time teaching them how to engage the Power of the Divine, and create the life of their dreams, while living their purpose. She is a Licensed Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Master Weight Loss Coach, a Certified Motivational Coach, a Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, a Reiki Practitioner, a Past life regressionist, a Soul Purpose Business Mentor and a Master Energy Healer. She is also a certified HYMS (Heal Your Money Story) Money Coach. She is the Creator of The Divine Effect®, Author of “The Power of a Woman: Mastering The Keys To Manifesting”, and Founder of The Power Of A Woman Transformational Coaching and Empowerment.

Like you, she is so much more than what she has accomplished.  She is a Soul in human form, just like you, who came to this world to be the light in the dark for those who would need her to help them remember who they truly are. Together We RISE.

The results of this work? Discovering and fully expressing your Souls Purpose. Turning Core wounds to Power.  From Poverty to Wealth, from life threatening illness to health, from infertility to a healthy baby, from the verge of divorce to rekindled love, from single to Soul Mate Love, from working 9-5 to a FREEDOM Soul Based Business, and multiple 6 figures a year.  It works for every one who experiences it. You will Experience anything your heart desires, in any area you desire, when you follow her teachings, just like thousands of other women have experienced with her magic; Money, Love, Health, Blissful Soul Aligned Business. 

The most amazing aspect? You will no longer be a prisoner of your wounding.  Your triggers will be transformed and you are free to love and be the creator you came here to be; fully SELF REALIZED. 


Live in your power. Realize your dreams. THE AWAKENING OF THE DIVINE FEMININE IS HERE. IT'S YOUR TIME.



With Randina's work It is Guaranteed You will experience:


• Heart Healing and Soul Merging
• Love and Relationship Transformation
• Health and Wellness Transformation
• Spiritual Healing at the deepest levels
• Career and Soul Purpose Expression

• Awakening of Your Inherent Gifts

•Familial and Ancestral Healing

• Soul and Body Alignment


• Discovering and Expressing Your Souls Purpose

Abundance and Prosperity Transformation (Money and Finance)
• Miraculous healing of all discord within yourself and your relationships

• A New Life Experience


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"Thank you SO MUCH for everything! God Bless You and Yours for the light you are spreading in this world by sharing your treasures. On January 1, 2018, I did the New You process. I did the God's List in the summer. I did so many meditations, practices and all the inner work that was available to me. During the last months of 2018, my greatest desires landed in my hands so gracefully: my career goals, the feeling about my family and my job, my daily routine / work schedule (my mornings!). I taught women in my country the Heart Opening Love meditation which has been my core practice and has shifted my life in so many ways (I recorded the technique and the video has been viewed over 1K times in a few weeks!). I even started a course for women in my country; I received the sum in my bank account, reached the desired rank in my MLM, and I am so blessed and grateful beyond words! We will have a Baby this year. I can't imagine what my life would have been if I hadn't found you Randina Marie! Thank you for inviting me on this Sacred Journey with you; thank you Divine Intelligence, thank you Divine Love, thank you all Angels and Guides! "

Inga P.

"Dearest Randina, thank you for the healing session last week. It was incredible, already before the session and during I felt the healing & clearings. I truly admire your power- I have had many healings before, and never so powerful and deep as yours. I feel confident, peaceful and powerful, and happy to shine my light. "


"The past events in my life that were negatively affecting me “disappeared”. Randina helps me to get to the root of the issue within minutes. She is a natural, and I feel very comfortable in her care. Randina is an indispensable component of both my past and future life. I am incredibly appreciative to be in her presence, and would happily pay double from across the world to have access to her knowledge and inspiration. Her influence has led me understand my potential, which has resulted in exponential growth in health and wealth in all aspects of my life. Everyone should have a Randina in their life. "

Danielle Rae

"After working with Randina, I was able to heal parts of myself that were blocking an abundance of blessings to flow into my life. One of these blessings I've experienced recently was money flow opening up for me. I got a $4,000 bonus. I have told Randina several times how grateful I am for her, because she has truly changed my life in more ways than one!"

Taylor G.
The Power Of Abundance

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