Presenting The Hawaiian Goddess Vortex Retreat

Is She Calling You?

PRESENTING the Hawaiian Goddess Vortex Retreat: Lions Gate Portal 8/8/8


Experience an awakening in the center of the vortex during lions gate opening; 8/3/2024-8/12/2024. Transcend your current reality and Come to this oasis to be activated, connected, and rejuvenated. Ascend your life to levels you only previously dreamt of. Connect to Your Soul in ways you never have before. Discover how to create your piece of heaven on Earth in the center of Metatrons cube, with the Sacredness of Your Soul Sister tribe. DNA upgrades and activations coupled with timeline jumping. This is an experience of a lifetime. Happening during a new moon on lions gate portal 8/8/8!
Together WE RISE.


**Sign up for the Hawaiian Goddess Vortex Presentation now and receive a Bonus Sacred Money Manifesting Movie to program your mind for the life of your dreams. Utilizing the power of visualization through a Manifesting Movie, is scientifically proven to be one of the fastest ways to manifest the things you want in life, and it is yours, free, just for signing up.


Learn what you will be experiencing during the retreat and all necessary information by signing up below. I will also be teaching you how to manifest your dream vacation.  Whether it is Hawaii or another piece of paradise, learn the manifestation tricks to have it happen fast. This session will be recorded.

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Hosted By Randina Marie:  Love, Soul Purpose, And Manifesting Mentor











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