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Bridget E

Within 3 hours of doing the X44 ritual Day One I manifested 40k. I have a private client that is going to work with me for a full year.. Randina I am astonished - I have been manifesting for years and a big amount like this has never flown in so fast with so little effort. I am blown away and wanted to share the abundant vibes with our sacred sisterhood.”

Robin R.

"I have been doing ALL the work! No excuses! Waking up and doing all that Randina Marie has given me, and just trusting her and the process.. and finally the past 2-3 days the clouds have parted, and everything is manifesting before my eyes! Emotions, ideas, MONEY, etc. EVERYTHING!"


“Randina, I made more money in the last 4 months of working with you than I did ALL OF LAST YEAR! I am so glad I took the leap and made the decision to do your course. It was one of the best decisions of my life.”


“Who knew that my life could change so drastically! I am not new to the world of personal development, Randina has a way of immersing and shifting the deep rooted things that you do not even know exist until they come to the surface! And holy… my paychecks first doubled and have now quadrupled since working with Randina and the power of a woman! Amazing!”

Ruby N.

"I had a balance of zero and my relationship with 💰 was non-existent. Thank you Randina Marie for being a part of my transformation. I realized I had manifested $17,000!!! 😭❤️😭"

Ashleigh M.

“From going through a horrible divorce to being with my soul mate. After having my daughter, going through a miscarriage after miscarriage being pregnant with a healthy little girl. From being broke and virtually living out of my car to owning a million dollar home. Struggling in business to being successful. Randina helps you make miracles happen. Honestly my life is proof!”

Taylor G.

 "One of these blessings I’ve experienced recently was money flow opening up for me. I got a $4,000 bonus. I have told Randina several times how grateful I am for her, because she has truly changed my life in more ways than one!"

Roxzan Castro

“Working with Randina has taken my life to levels I only previously dream about. From not knowing what I was going to do with my life and living in an endless struggle of money woes, to being the owner of my own business and experiencing a blessed income. I could not have made it this far this fast, without her wisdom, guidance, and clearings. I am so grateful for where I am and I am so excited about where my life is headed. Randina you are a true asset to me, my business and my entire life.”

-Airen W 

“Randina helped me in ways that more than doubled my income, fast. I am so grateful to her, and anyone who works with her is blessed. Thank you, Randina!”


"I have been in the same position for 13yrs at my day job..I got a new boss last year and it has been a great year.. yesterday he gave me a promotion!! 6.5% raise!! I wrote everyday how thankful I was for the money I was about to receive and it just keeps coming!! Thank you Randina for giving us the tools and helping us create the lives we desire and deserve!!"

Michelle Kenney

“Thank you, Randina!! The changes in my life in the last 18 months have been both MIRACULOUS and BEAUTIFUL!! Randina helped me shift decades of self-hatred and transform them into a self-love I never believed possible. As I write this, I cry tears of joy, because her Divine gifts have given me everything from a sense of true self love, a manifestation of a career towards my soul purpose, and a transformation of my relationships with my children, my husband, and myself. Her intuitive gifts have allowed me to experience a stronger connection to the Source of all creation, and the power the Divine Feminine has in our lives- I am so connected to my inner being and the entire heavenly realm, because of her true devotion to each souls individual awakening and needs. I have never felt more appreciative to have her as a guide on my Spiritual Awakening and will be eternally grateful for her never-ending love for every woman to rise to her truest and best self! With all my heart and soul, thank you, Randina Marie!!!! Together we truly RISE!”

Kelly Hayward

"My life prior to meeting Randina was in a dark place.  I had been in a marriage that was broken, I was depressed and probably suffering to some extent of PTSD from all the emotional abuse I had experienced. I started working with Randina in one of her year long courses, my first month was unbelievable, and I literally felt euphoric after one month of clearing out some old limiting beliefs and working on healing.  I could not believe how different and amazing I felt.  Literally on a natural high.  I began to change everything in my life, what I ate, what I put on my body, what I read, what I thought and felt.  I started to lose weight and began sleeping again; I had been an insomniac for close to 10 years.  I even look at money completely different, and started to create more in my life and windfalls.  Some of the things that have changed in my life as a result of my work with Randina, EVERYTHING! The way I see myself, I love myself and see myself as my true authentic self, beautiful.  I see others different, I look at their souls and hearts, and I see the goodness in the world, there is so much.  My relationships have changed, I have released and healed my relationship with just about every person I love, the people important in my life have changed because of the work I have done.  It is true, when you change others change too, Randina taught me that from the very beginning.  

I am forever grateful to her; I am crying tears of joy now as I write this, realizing how my life is so different and so beautiful the world truly is.  I will forever be so grateful to Randina, I love her, she is a gift to this world.  She really is the Queen of rapid transformation, as I saw changes immediately when I began the course, and I am still changing and growing and now I love each experience and see growth as an opportunity." 

Celeste Johansen

“Just in case anyone was wondering if Randina was legit!! I have been actively doing every single manifesting trick out there for 20 full months to manifest my dream car! Day 5 in her sacred money challenge and I got word that we qualified for a loan providing we came up with the down payment!! Which was no big deal because taxes were coming back within days right? Wrong! (had some healing and forgiving to do) Then out of nowhere, the money just showed up! Today! On a Sunday! Serious! Randina is the real deal! Thank you girl! I owe you sooo much!.. Just one day after the Sacred Money Workshop! Talk about rapid Transformation!"


C Gilmore

 "Wow 🤩 I am so grateful to have taken this course! Before I began I was experiencing a lot of self doubt about my life, career, path etc. These last few weeks have changed my life for the better ❤️ (all your courses have)! But this time it really feels different, I am different, my life is different! Abundance, passion and purpose has showered my life especially in the last 2 weeks! I thank you again, you are a blessing in my life. I am forever grateful! Love you"

April P.

"I know my journey with Randina led to my Love. She has a powerful gift of emotional healing, intuition and manifestation. She got through to me even when I resisted the process. The most powerful experience I had was when she reworked an old memory that I thought I was over, but was still an open wound for me. Thank you Randina. What you do for women is remarkable. What you did for me is nothing short of a Miracle."

Gina W

“I wanted to share some good news with you, because it is thanks to you! I've been "attempting" to reprogram my brain over the past 4 years or so but nothing has really clicked...  things are finally clicking and I'm seeing huge changes.... I hit that 4k bonus yesterday! THANK YOU for everything you do!!”

Michel Ortiz

Okay.. this was pretty awesome. I have been sick for two weeks. I went to the doctor (my daughter was freaking out that I needed to be hospitalized) they confirmed I had pneumonia and I declined the medication yesterday. Today I remembered how week 7’s Thursday’s session really worked on healing the body during the beginning of the session. This morning I replayed this session and within 30 minutes of the end I was coughing so badly and all of a sudden all of this junk came up and it kept coming for 10 minutes. My family was ready to take me to the hospital and I kept refusing saying believe in the process this is good. 

I kid you not ladies - my wheezing is gone my fever is gone and I want to go outside and go do things. 


"Thank you for your love, healing, and everything you have taught me. So much in my life has changed in such a short amount of time. It’s unbelievable to me actually, how quickly the universe has responded. Love you!"


"This course has truly been life changing...for the first time in my life I know what my purpose is, and that I am here to help people and change their lives...for the first time I am at peace with who I am and being so different from the norm...for the first time I am excited about the future and my journey and everything that is to come, and it’s all because of you, and Kayleigh even confirmed it more and I am so very grateful!!! I wish I had the words that could truly express how I fell, I just hope you can feel it!!! You and Kayleigh are true angels and a gift from God"


I also had my reading with Kayleigh ❤️yesterday evening (for me )and I completely agree with Tiffany! Kayleigh is the "real deal " as they say. She is truly an Angelic Goddess light being ! I knew that already, even before speaking with her ! But being in her presence is truly phenomenal ! Everything Tiffany describes in her 'testimony" is true !

And yes, I'm also very grateful to have her and her mother Randina Marie 🙏❤️ in my life , and all of you my soul sisters, even though I hardly post (hehehe). I also highly recommend having your chart read with/by Kayleigh Jones because Kayleigh will give you an insight that another chart reader might not give you, because she is connected to the Angelic realm and to Spirit .Also investing in yourself is the most precious and loving gift you can give yourself and it shows and tells the Universe that you are doing it because you are worth it, and you are ! ❤️ So, what are you waiting for?"


"I am so incredibly grateful and thankful for Randina Marie and Kayleigh. Today was my reading and I am so so so happy! Kayleigh you are a beautiful gift to this world and I’m so honored to have been in your presence today. This entire course was meant to be...Everything was in my chart.
After it was over I called and turned down a job offer I interviewed for yesterday because those days are over. The new is unfolding, I’ve known this all along everything has happened just the way it was supposed to! ✨✨

If you haven’t done the reading with Kayleigh DO. IT."


"Dearest Randina, thank you for the healing session last week. It was incredible, already before the session and during I felt the healing & clearings. I truly admire your power- I have had many healings before, and never so powerful and deep as yours. I feel confident, peaceful and powerful, and happy to shine my light."


"Using the attraction rituals Randina taught me, caused my soul mate to walk into my life in two months time. I had been single for some time and couldn't seem to find a man I wanted to spend an entire date with, let alone the rest of my life. After only a few sessions with her, I completely let go of old limitations that were keeping me stuck, was able to really know the truth of my value and my worth, and I felt confident and beautiful while interacting with men. I never had this before her. Now I am married to my soul mate and I am so thankful to her for helping me to live my dreams in love with my best friend. Not only did my dreams for a soulmate come true, the rituals worked for money too!"

Tiffany Y

 "I am incredibly Grateful for this experience! Thank you sooo much for this Sacred Money course!! I can’t explain how much this has changed my life!! Can’t wait for the next course! Thank you soo much! Love you and everyone in this course so much!❤️"

Corean D.

"So I did the divine effect Friday morning at my salon in my tanning room with the front door locked. Yep that’s how I roll! It was by far my fav one so far. They are all amazing but this one had me rocking and smiling and for the first time saw my future! Maybe it had to do with the fact I was in my salon during the session. I have been thinking about wanting to bring in or colab with another salon owner in my town. She’s beyond amazing! And she provides services that I don’t. Well last time her and I talked she said she was looking for a new place bc she’s throwing her little studio and isn’t able to do all the services she wants. Forward to our session I saw her getting the office next to me. (The current lady is about to retire) and is making a door that co joins our two businesses. And then I saw my melaleuca business taking off providing more income. I finished the session with knowing this is going to happen. I had my first client shortly after I finished that session and while I was doing her hair guess who showed up at my salon? Gina! The lady I want to colab with! 😳 she brought me a smoothie and a huge ass cinnamon roll just because. I told her that I spoke to the lady next door and she would let me know. She told me that she needs to find a place to do nails bc she can’t do it at her studio. And without even thinking I said uh hello! You can do them here. I can make room for you until you find a spot. 😉 Were gonna y’all about it more today when I go to see her for my service. Then a little bit later I had another lady reach out to me from the salt spa about setting up a meeting with me about coming to work out at Tamarack (ski resort) on the weekend. My entire day was super busy! I had one of the biggest money making days of my 9 years being open. Ok side note now! I always had a hard time keeping my thumb and pointer finger connected during the morning miracle meditation but this morning I pinched them the entire time and it felt so natural! Thank you for that Randina!"


"I can feel myself "shifting" in so many ways and I truly love the feeling. I for the first time since my pre-teens feel worthy,  I feel like I am a valuable person,  that I deserve to be Loved,  and for the first time Ever I Love myself. And I can say it without a negative feeling.  I don't feel that shame that I was conditioned with as a child. I can now say that I am worthy of having Abundance of money and materialistic things..I would say you've helped me more than any counselor and any one else ever has with my healing and becoming or getting back to my true self.. Thank you so much.. Have a Blessed day Randina."

~Kelly H

"Listened to our session this morning, and it was intense, I literally felt each chakra clearing out, when it got to my solar plexus so much pressure and clearing and my throat chakra, I felt my throat burning and I could feel the release. After the session was over, I felt extremely light and felt like I needed to move my body and shake the energy around. I can't really explain how intense it was! Today I feel so light and soooo happy. Thank you Randina Marie"


"I just wanted to let you know how much gratitude I have for you and your teachings! I have so much love for the work you do and how much you have helped me in my own personal journey. I tell people all the time you were the catalyst of all my growth and I am forever grateful for you!"

Annaliza P.

"When I first saw this post, I thought thank God for Sacred Money Course that Randina Marie created. I’m happier and more thankful taking this course. I’ve taken abundance courses before as I know my ancestral programming passed down to me are deeply ingrained and found that it’s even on my birth chart. However, I know that it’s one of my purposes to heal and transmute them. I am more appreciative of this course and Randina that we get to the root of things and not just fixing the surface because none of those courses got to the root of things; not as deep as we go in this course. (Not putting those courses down or bashing them, not my intent at all, as I learned what I needed to learn from them in those moments, but I am just acknowledging and appreciating this course and YOU, Randina!)

Much love to you and all! ♥️"


"I feel high! The session was amazing. For me what came up is letting myself shine!!! Also the forgiveness exercise that we did one of the weeks helped me so much with my coworker. The energy around her changed! Yes!"

Inga P.

"On January 1, I did the New You process you described in the video and sent us in your e-mail. I did the God's List in the summer. I did so many meditations, practices and all the inner work that was available to me. During the last months of 2018, my greatest desires landed in my hands so gracefully: my career goals, the feeling about my family and my job, my daily routine / work schedule (my mornings!). I taught women in my country the Heart Opening Love meditation which has been my core practice and has shifted my life in so many ways (I recorded the technique and the video has been viewed over 1K times in a few weeks!). I even started a course for women in my country; I received the sum in my bank account, reached the desired rank in my MLM, and - so blessed and grateful beyond words! - we will have a Baby this year

I can't imagine what my life would have been if I hadn't found you Randina Marie! Thank you for inviting on this Sacred Journey with you; thank you Divine Intelligence, thank you Divine Love, thank you all Angels and Guides"

Sarah C

"I am so connected it's exhilarating 💖
I am open to receiving ALL of the abundance the universe is sending my way!🙏
I am so grateful and overwhelmed with joy as the shifting is occurring. Yay!"


“Oh my GOSH, these are the MOST POWERFUL exercises I have EVER DONE!!! I have not felt that LEVEL of gratitude and pure joy. And the TEARS, dear me, the flowing of TEARS!!!!! Sooooooo thankful!!!!” -


"I have been in the same position for 13yrs at my day job..I got a new boss last year and it has been a great year.. yesterday he gave me a promotion!! 6.5% raise!! I wrote everyday how thankful I was for the money I was about to receive and it just keeps coming!! Thank you Randina for giving us the tools and helping us create the lives we desire and deserve!! 🙏🏼💜🔮"


“Before I met Randina, I was scheduled for a hysterectomy. She was sure she could heal me. Fast forward to today only a few short months after I began my journey with her... No surgery needed and I am healed! Plus she taught me how to manifest the money I needed too! It all works! Thank you Randina, you will always have a special place in my heart.”

Danielle R.

“Randina has been the biggest asset to growing my business from an idea to a full flowing spa. I have been able to reach heights I only dreamed of in such a short amount of time due to having her as my mentor. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and my business.”

Morgan R

""How grateful I am to have found you and take your courses because you have helped me ascend, jump timelines, discover my magic and my purpose sooooo rapidly. I am just blown away. I am watching my vision boards come to life quicker too! And I absolutely manifested my Soul mate."


“Randina, words cannot express how grateful I am that you crossed my path. I'm sure you hear that all the time, and it’s truth! For real gospel! I pray that I'm able to bless you in some way the way you have me! Xoxoxo.”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Randina, again for everything and everything that is to come!!! You're absolutely amazing. I feel better so far after two weeks than I did with two years of counseling!! I have tears in my eyes for how grateful I am that I found you.” 


“What an amazing experience to get to see who we truly are, and love that person fully! I didn't want the hypnosis time to end because I wanted to keep watching her. When I finally opened my eyes, big and bold on my computer screen the clock read 5:55! 555 means: Significant and necessary changes are happening in your life that have been Divinely inspired and guided. These changes will bring about long-awaited circumstances and results and will fully align you with your true Divine Life Purpose and soul mission.”


Today was SUPER powerful!  I just wanted to share how amazing it felt to write the old beliefs and burn them and exchange them with the new ones.  I felt a powerful release - and a gain of something new... new on a level that I've not fully experienced before.  I am so blessed and appreciative of this group, and thankful for your teachings, Randina Marie.  The words are in my heart - and - I don't really have the words to express, if that makes sense?  I'm so happy to be on grateful to be on this journey with this wonderful, beautiful group of incredible women!  

Thank you all for enriching my life so very much!  I love you all!

Pam P.

Today was such a blessing with all we are doing in this challenge things are manifesting like crazy  I received a windfall I wasn't expecting to come in and money is flowing into my new boutique. 

Thank you Randina Marie for all you do you are a Blessing 

Tabitha M.

Thank you for your love, healing, and everything you have taught me. So much in my life has changed in such a short amount of time. It’s unbelievable to me actually, how quickly the universe has responded. Love you!

Brittney Hrdlicka

I got your book gifted to me! I am absolutely in love with it!

There is so much crown and 3rd eye reactions for me as I'm reading it. The words themselves have so much dejavu behind them! It feels like I've said some of those exact same things myself or heard them word for word from someone before (a lot I remember hearing while watching you live.)

I love the way you went more in depth on intentions, vision boards and everything else! Lots of clarity came for me when reading through that and finally starting to really see the difference. ESPECIALLY with the I AM statements. 

So many shifts and healing have already taken place just by reading it! I'll be reading about a belief system, boom there goes a yawn releasing it. 

I've got about 20 pages left and then I am going back to the beginning and reading it again while I follow along with the journaling prompts. I've read through them all but I just kinda scratch my head, so I'm going to need to spend some extra time on the journaling parts. I struggle with some of them more than I want to, like visualizing is a hard one for me. 

Please tell me you don't forget to tell us what the movie is that you watched (you said it wasn't the secret).. 

Thank you so much for publishing this book! It is beyond empowering. 

 This book has been life changing. I'm not even sure how to put everything into words for what I experienced and how I felt before or after reading it..

What I do want to say is thank you thank you thank you for publishing this book, I know I needed it.

Transform Your Life! Work With Randina!

Suzannen T.

Manifesting challenge success! My fiancé and I got married on Weds. The 3rd! I'm so grateful to this group and your teachings. Randina Marie

Emily Evans

“I always yearned for healing. The traditional ways hadn't worked for me. I was divinely guided, like you, here. Through her exclusive rapid transformation process, the Divine Effect, Randina has seamlessly guided me, with ease-step by step, in reprogramming my own limiting patterns and beliefs. This unique process has brought me a new awareness and the ability to fully agree on both a subconscious and conscious level to heal wounds allowing me to be a vibrational match to my desires and highest self. The Divine Effect as well as personal sessions and courses, have given me the tools to continue on this path of enlightenment and transcendence. I am forever appreciative and honored to be a part of this light. Thank you Randina. ”

-Lindsey Casey 

Thank you so much. This was literally the most amazing experience of MY LIFE. I’m beyond grateful.

Samantha M

"Thank you so much for this. I needed it. This helped me to truly trust my intuition and it’s such a freeing feeling . I feel such a deep love for myself since I’ve really learned about my gifts. It’s something I’ve always known but never believed I could actually be a powerful being . You gave me the gifts of self acceptance, self love and the ability to believe in myself. Thank you so much ❤️"

Carlie Cruz

I saw you on a live and something within my spirit said “go do that”, so I went to your page and signed up not knowing what in the world I was signing up for. When I got in the session it was incredible. You spoke straight to my heart and touched on some of the biggest things in my life, you were incredibly accurate, it was absolutely activating and healing, so very healing. I am beginning to see the fruit of what took place that day, and also, if you ever do another one, I would love to join again! Thank you so very much for your service to humanity. I so greatly appreciate you and your service.

Tiffany Campbell

“Randina, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you. You have taught me so much, I have learned so much by you, you helped me to get to where I am today. You helped me to see and learn who I was and guided me on my own path to where I can help others. I can’t even describe the feelings of gratitude, love, joy, peace, and freedom. Freedom in that I finally have accepted who I am, freedom in that I can help others and that they are seeking my help, I just had to let you know that. Thank you, love you.”  

Jessica S.

"I haven’t been this excited in forever and I know you played a pivotal role. So I wanted to share . Sunday I was in a deep despair as it was the day that marked my daughter’s passing. In a moment of my deepest darkness I cried out to just show me what it was I needed to do because obviously I’m just missing all the signs... fast forward to Monday morning. I woke up in an unusual good and motivated mood. I was on my way home from grocery pick up when like lightening my future flashed before my eyes. I mean it filled my soul with such passion, enthusiasm and purpose I cried in gratitude.The initial step was to get my foot in the door so despite Covid and all the things I called and I go for training Monday to initially volunteer in hospice/ grief. The vision was to start there and the larger picture was me helping in some capacity ( that’s still unclear as to whether I’m to counsel but there was more) but I know this is the right step and the universe will provide the correct employment and financial opportunities. I saw Chris out of his job that is literally taking a toll on his body. I saw us happy and laughing.

Secondary I feel as though I have a knowing as if some psychic abilities have begun as long as I allow them.

 What is even more amazing is that through this all I have always felt your love and in my mind I hear your wisdom and teachings. I honestly wouldn’t be where I’m at this day without you and your incredible light. I can’t thank you enough and for once I’m so excited about the future. Time to step out of darkness and spread the light my soul was sent here to do. And of course every day your emails and texts are right on point.

I love you so much 💖💖

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Randina , I wouldn’t be where I’m at without you!!! I’m seriously so grateful ! I just love you and your soul so much. It’s not just me but everyone can feel your incredible presence. 💖💖"

Beth Taylor

"Randina Marie... after our 7 day manifesting challenge ... this is what I manifested... my new truck. Thank you for helping me find my way!!"

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