The Divine Effect®



"The Divine Effect"® is an instant deep healing that occurs from the root of your being throughout all space and time. It instantly and miraculously transforms conscious and subconscious programing allowing you to have instantaneous and miraculous healing in your life. You will instantly see, feel, and experience change in your physical reality. Freeing you to live the life your soul came here to live, in expansion and love, without resistance or limitations. Releasing the density and living freely. Healing past traumas instantly without having to “relive” them. The effect: A light, free, joyful life experience. The Divine Effect has transformed hundreds of lives and it is guaranteed to do the same for you. Where Science Meets Spirit.

A brief “interview” takes place to bring to the surface the real resistance and reasons for the disharmony. Because our conscious egoic mind has a tendency to spin us in circles, we think oh this is the root, when in actuality it maybe only the symptom. Once the core issues are discovered Super-conscious is accessed and the Divine heals and transmutes the dense energy at once. Miraculous transformation occurs on all levels. Freeing you to live life without limits. New beliefs, knowings and patterns are then created and a new empowered and supportive you becomes your default success system. Together we will discover the dis-empowering, limiting, or fearful programs within your being. When the program is uprooted we access The Divine Effect to “reprogram” the old frequency to a new empowering loving frequency. When you hold a belief within your system, however it got there, you will not act in any way that goes against this belief. Even if it is not in your best interest or is causing you harm. This is why you have not been able to create the life you desire to your fullest potential up until this point. If a limitation is in your space, you will think, act, feel, and behave in reinforcing ways to perpetuate and solidify this limitation. It is all you “know” at this point. With The Divine Effect you are blessed with the transmutation and transcending of any limitation and so it is removed from your being. This method is proven and very precise. Within minutes you are operating from an entirely supportive and loving belief/knowing system. and you can feel it. This is the process of life change. Relationships are reported to miraculously shift, Abundance is reported to miraculously start flowing, Spiritual healing is reported to be done at the deepest levels. Your Consciousness is reprogrammed on a physical level. With the work of the Divine, nothing is impossible.

The Divine Effect works for everyone who has a desire for a life change. If you are ready to live your life without the limitations or programing that keeps you in the same patterns of fear and scarcity, this is for you. A large part of us knows our true nature is to be free and expansive like a forest is when left to grow to its fullest potential. Yet we face stagnation due to our past programing, genetic and DNA coding, and learned belief systems. If you desire to move beyond your current limitations, it can be done in an instant. Consciousness has expanded enough for us to allow instantaneous healing. Even if you have been at the spiritual healing for years or for only days, this method of healing is transformational in an instant.

Even though The Divine Effect is a very spiritual and metaphysical experience, it is also very scientific. Your mind is 5% conscious, 95% subconscious. When your conscious mind instructs your subconscious mind to heal, it will seek out a resource that it believes will help achieve this. The process of healing has already begun. When you experience discord in your life, or limitations, or the inability to achieve a goal, it is because of some past trauma or experience that created a faulty program. Either to keep you safe, or about your abilities to achieve any goal. This programming stifles your progress in life and causes pain under the surface in your current reality. Science shows that 75-80% of these programs are faulty and defeating. For example, if you have faulty programs about relationships, you will be limited on the type of relationship experience you can have until these programs are healed or “reprogrammed”. Your subconscious mind holds all of your memories and experiences from all lifetimes, even if you do not consciously remember them (I’m not going to go too much into past lifetimes here, as it is not necessary to consciously know the exact root cause; if you want to know more about this You can look up Dr. Brian Weiss fascinating stuff). If you can think of a negative experience and you are still being triggered in a painful way (between 3-10), it is effecting your decision making now. 70-80% of the decisions we make are done so with information that is already stored in your brain. If you are experiencing a block in any area of your life, it is due to a program that must be rewritten or it will be further engrained into your consciousness.

It is possible to override it by “facing your fear” and proving to your brain that a different outcome is possible. But, more often than not, this way does not go over so well and it takes a very long time. The Divine Effect is instant and gets to the root recreating the experience to be harmonious, leaving your memory about the experience to be joyful no matter how painful it was. On a brain level: only 40-60% of your memories are hard core factual. The reason for this is your brain does not need to remember irrelevant information, like the color of a wall, if it does not pertain to the actual experience. Because of this your memories are malleable. This means they can be changed. In the same way we “know” our bodies will heal when they are cut, we know this power will also heal our emotional pain and our memories. It does not matter what religion you are, or what spiritual practice you follow, we all know there is a healing power in nature and it is the same healing power that heals our bodies. Even atheists have success with this process. Your brain understands healing, and so it will allow for your pain to be transcended. Memories are stored in your cells and in your energetic field, and do cause disharmony in your body. After the Divine Effect Your subconscious memories are reprogrammed. Going even further into the explanation: When you have an experience, that experience is categorized in your brain with all other “like” experiences and they are linked to each other. This is called the Gestalt principal. This further solidifies the neuronets in your brain and in your mind which is why when you have a memory of one heartbreak, you will quickly be directed to another and another. This ads to the intensity of the pain associated with the “theme”. This is also the reason why you will continue to experience the same theme, unless you change it. This is designed to keep you safe from scary or potentially harmful experiences, and to solidify previous learnings. Its the way we have survived as a species. The problem is, it keeps us from believing we can have experiences that are different from what we have already experienced. So if you have experienced perceived failure after you attempt to accomplish a goal, or a negative experience in a relationship, you will inadvertently believe all things you try or relationships you enter will eventually result in failure. Most of this happens at the subconscious level which is why you are not aware of the exact cause of your limitations. The Divine Effect reprograms and rewrites all limitations and blocks, and because of the Gestalt principal, the “chain link” to all memories like it, are dissolved and new ones are formed. This miraculous method of super healing and quantum leaping is magical, and very scientific.

The Divine Effect and Divine Guidance opens you up the flow of life. Even when you are working on money and finance you will find miraculous changes in your relationships. This occurs because all of life is interwoven. There is no separation even though in our linear thought process we have come to believe this. The pie of life is just that, a whole pie and everything and everyone is connected on some level. Once you have experienced the Divine, fear and doubt are no longer part of your programing and you have the foundation of Love and faith as your new default system. Imagine what you could create in this world of creation if your primary thought process was that of Love and Abundance. Free flowing trusting relationships, self love, and miraculous changes in the world around you. Not only are you effected by the Divine Effect your family and friends are too. Your family life miraculously transforms, balance and harmony is established and a healing of your inner being occurs at the deepest levels. Your inner knowing of your true magnificence is established and all your relations reflect this change.

You will experience:

• Abundance and Prosperity transformation (Money and Finance)
• Love and Relationship transformation
• Health and Wellness Transformation
• Spiritual Healing at the deepest levels
• Career and Soul Purpose
• Soul and Body Alignment
• Miraculous healing of all discord within yourself and your relationships




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