Step Into Your Power, Manifest Your Dreams: Money, Love, Divine Connection.

This course is for you if you know there is something more but you don't know how to get there.  If you feel like you want to open up to the flow of the Universe and Dance in your Divine Creative Power, you are in the right place. If you want to heal your life and remember the Gift that is you so you can live your hearts desires, come along with us!


7 Areas Of Major Transformation:

Insantaneous and Miraculous Healings will occur on Physcial and Spiritual Levels. Guaranteed. Daily energetic Activations and support are being done on your behalf.

Marriage/Relationships/Love: You will Experience a Deeper connection to Your partner. Your Passion being reignited and Your sex life becomes full of life because Your sacred sexuality is healed, balanced, and flowing. You will have a deeper understanding of how we operate as beings and are no longer triggered by outside influences. You are happier and insecurities have vanished, allowing you to open up and be at one with your partner. You live from your heart and heal and propell your entire life, feeling supported and loved.

Relationship to spirit: Deep love like you have never felt before. Core Connection and dancing in co creation with spirit. Knowing you are fully supported and loved from deep within your soul. Feeling at one with the Universe and knowing that all of creation is on your side. You will Know how to engage the laws of the Universe to receive exactly what it is you desire. Core confidence will be your dominant vibration.

Children: Guilt and wounding is healed from within and thus relationships with your children become one of pure and compassionate love. Deep relationship bonds occur and you begin working together as a team. You will become best friends with your children and loving guides to them.  You transform from the inside, and their future is forever changed.

Career: Inner Core Confidence exudes and you become unstoppable. Aligning with your soul purpose and what you are really meant to do in this world creates deep fulfillment and excitement. Money begins to flow after you learn the energetics of money and you move up in income to levels you only previously dreamt of.

Soul Friends: You begin to attract your soul group in physical reality. Other like minded women who you feel you have known for lifetimes. You feel supported and loved by others because you are attracting a new caliber of people into your life. You feel accepted, loved, and seen for who you truly are. Opportunities open up for you; new love, more money, your dreams manifesting into physical form etc.

Health: Disease begins to disappear. Stored fat and Weight literally falls off.  You look and feel younger, you are happier and more at peace. You have more energy and profound self love.

Life:  You will have a crystal clear vision for your life and know exactly what you need to get you there.  You have the help of the Divine and all the support of the Universe.  You will also be energetically transformed and boosted with high vibrational energy creating a New You. You will be able to sustain your success and live a deeply fulfilled life experience.

When you are in 100% alignment with The Divine, with your inner being, and with your desires, they manifest into your reality faster than you can imagine.


Week 1

Dare to Dream: Mapping out your Life and Intending it into being. The Energy and the Beliefs required to Manifest Your Hearts Desires, Quickly. The correct way to visualize to get results, fast.


Week 2-3

The Divine:  Energy Activations and Connection With the Feminine Divine.  Becoming a Clear Channel for your Guidance.  Boosting/Enhancing Intuition. Activation of your Gifts. Your Life filled with Synchronicity, Serendipity, and Profound Manifestation.  Divine Universal Support and Deep Core Connection.  Being/Feeling Profoundly Loved.


Week 4-5

False Identity: Becoming a vibrational match to your inner being. Clearing blocks and Aligning with your Dreams. Finally Loving yourself from the inside out.  How to reprogram your limiting beliefs and how to heal your inner wounding. Say GoodBye to self sabotage.


Week 6-7

Shine Your Light: Living from Divine Love. Receiving your hearts desires. Feeling deeply fulfilled and on fire attracting all you desire. Learn the proper way to visualize to see your visions really happen in your life, exactly the way you visualized them. Prepare to be amazed.



Money: Align with your Good. Manifest a windfall. Sacred Money Activations.  The Truth about Divine Money. Untangling Your Energetic Attachments around money so it can flow in.



This is a digital "go at your own pace" course that is guaranteed to transform your limitations and engage your connection to the Divine.  Yours to keep.

New You, New Life!

-Interactive Video Energy Clearing Divine Activation Sessions

-New Year, New You Bonus Process (including guided Activation New You Process Call a $497 Value) and Divine Feminine Activation/Attunement Bonus ( a $497 Value) will be available immediately after your purchase.












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