FREE 5 Day Manifesting Challenge!

Welcome to the Sacred Manifesting Challenge. This challenge is more of a Divine Activation and awakening and is more powerful than you can imagine.  With each activation/attunement you will feel an even deeper sense of Love, Support, and Blessings from the Universe and all of creation.  Allow this Angelic experience to take your life to the next level.  You deserve to be free.


Join us in this FREE 5 Day Divine Manifesting Experience.  Discover how powerful you really are. (There really is nothing to buy. This experience has transformed hundreds of lives and that is exactly what this great Awakening is all about. #TogetherWeRISE)

Each morning you will receive a 3-5 Minute Guided Visualization Empowerment Process/Divine Feminine Activations/Attunements, along with your items to Manifest.  Listen to this right when you wake up, it is flowing with Divine Energy Healing and Empowerment; do this before you even get out of bed. You will also receive your instructions for the day.  You will feel the Power in your being and your life will shift.

This audio will invoke your inner Divine power, program your consciousness to make you an attraction magnet, and set you on fire in your Manifesting Journey. Then you will go about your day feeling empowered and watch how the Universe Delivers to you exactly what you visualized that morning (there is a specific way to visualize to get results and you are going to learn it!).  See how many times your visions show up throughout your week. 


  • 5 (1 audio per day) 3-5 minute Guided Empowerment Visualizations for you to do first thing in the morning (before you even get out of bed)
  • 2 Specific, Special Items each day to Manifest/Attract
  • Daily Emails with Instructions for the day
  • Facebook Community to play the game and post your wins!
  • Energy Boost to help you Manifest: From Randina (Master Healer/ Energy Healer)
  • Entered into a drawing to win crystals, Angel decks and powerful Sacred jewelry
  • Membership access to the 5 Day Challenge: you will receive a unique login.
  • Divine Connection with the Power Of The Universe
  • Awakening of Your Divine Feminine Power



What people are saying:


Melanie Faircloth on "Day 1! SPIRIT

"What an amazing way to start the day! Love and light to all! May the angels be with you!" 


Erica Garza on "Day 2 Prosperity!"

"Day 2 and I am feeling something change, not sure what but I feel peaceful. As for coins today I had them fall out of my sleeve. Literally felt something and shock my sweater and 2 coins fell out."


Cystine Wagenschutz on "Day 1! SPIRIT"

"I saw an angel a very distinct shape but more than seeing it I felt the presence of light and love! i waited to post because i wanted to share if I saw any spirits throughout my day! right after doing this exercise i then began my morning scroll of face book within a few seconds of scrolling i came upon a post my friend posted of a picture of a path in the woods. and right there on the side of the path in the trees was my same angel spirit i just saw during this exercise! priceless"



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