New Moon Wishes Fulfilled Ritual

In this New Moon Wishes Fulfilled Sacred Ritual, you will discover how to make wishes in a way that makes them come true, quickly.

The Divine Effect New Moon Wishes Fulfilled process engages the Powers of The Universe and the Celestial beings to assist you in manifesting your hearts wildest dreams in such a quick way.

A quickening occurs in your life and you consciously witness your life changing in the most profound ways. It is Pure magic ;)

Included in this Sacred Ritual:

The Sacred Ritual Session

The Sacred Ritual Workbook

A Bonus Alchemy and Quickening Meditation to Manifest Your Desires quickly.


The processes taught in this sacred ritual session are the most profound and blessed way to manifest your hearts truest desires. Feel the peace in your heart, and the knowing in your mind, that the greatest life you have ever known is on its way to you now.


What People Are Saying:

"Thank you so much for this profound connection session!"


"This is beyond amazing and so beautiful. I can feel already the change this practice will bring. Thank you, thank you, thank you"


"I found my wishes and they all came true!"