Inner Child Timeline Healing

 Congratulations Sister, I commend you for following your guidance and taking steps to heal your inner world so you can live the beautiful life you truly came here to live.

Welcome to the inner child healing. 

This beautiful healing session will bring you what you desire, and transform your life, faster than anything else in the world, as you have the Power of The Divine assisting you on your healing journey!

In this powerful session you will be engaging the power of All That Is in a conscious way, and a subconscious way, and will be allowing the Unseen to assist you like never before.


Get ready to feel the Magic of this Power and to see your desires manifest rapidly in your life! And most importantly, to truly feel loved like you haven't ever before experienced.


You will feel like a new person after you are complete so grab your pen and your paper because you will be going through a writing practice before being guided into a meditative tranceformation :)



"Thank you SOOOO much for this. This was WILD!!! It was very easy for me to jump into my timeline, I was THERE! And I was so filled with love when I held myself as a baby, and I couldn't help but hug my mom real quick too, and when I handed myself back to my mom I could feel her unconditional love and how I was a life changer for her. I cried again when I hugged my small adolescent self, told myself the things happening (in the scene) were not your fault, I felt her tears and pain, and also felt her love for life and silliness and desire to try everything and to help and care for others. I also cried when I hugged my teen self, a specific moment where I felt pretty and coming into womanhood but was CUT DOWN by my dad who said I was ugly and made fun of me. I hugged her with a big smile like "don't listen to him" and told her she was beautiful and cool and that all the ways he put you down are just his own issues. And when I went to my Young Adult self it was the most powerful because it was a time of such turmoil, I was STUCK and TRAPPED in a bad relationship and a Bad marriage between my parents and every day in my house with them was violent and sad, and my dad tried everything to not let me move out of the house. I told Young Adult me "Oh My Goodness! Do you know how amazing you are? You're smart and funny and people love being around you! Don't give up on your goals! Go out there and share your love. You're about to go on an amazing adventure!". And at the end, when I saw all stages of myself surrounded by angels, we were different, we stood taller and our smiles were genuine. And, Randina, when they all floated away to be with the angels I cried again because they're gone! They are in a great place! They aren't holding me back. I love them still and keep them in my heart but I feel like they aren't holding me back. Does that make sense? 
So much more to say but I just needed to tell you those things. 
Thank you Thank You Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! "