Star Sirius 30 Day Money Activation


Star Sirius 30 Day Money Acceleration and Activation Program

In this Star Sirius 30 Day Money Acceleration and Activation Program, you will reprogram old money energy, and, align with your wealthy future.

Watch your life and your powers rapidly transform in ways you never dreamt possible. Dissolve your money karma and align with the Star of Divine Love, to fill your life with the flow of wealth and abundant financial windfalls.


An Entire 30 Days of Transformation with lifetime results:
1 Money Reprogramming Session
1 Energy clearing Money Transformation Session
1 Divine Effect® Star Sirius Money Activation Session
1 Full Month of activations and life changing rituals
1 Full length Class session
1 Star Sirius Divine Attunement™ Meditation to listen to daily to put you in the flow of Abundance

With these powerful transformational sessions you will transform yourself on ALL LEVELS! Your physical body, your energy body, your brain and patterns, your etheric body, and your emotional body. This program transforms every level of your being, bringing you back into congruent alignment with all that you desire.

 This powerful work will shift your life in the most profound ways. Embark upon the connection with your Soul to manifest the money you desire, for you, and for your family.


4 monthly payments of $125.00 USD


50% Complete

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