Sacred Money Workshop



The Divine Sacred Money Workshop

The Workshop for Women Ready To Release The Struggle, Ditch the Scarcity, And Make Miraculous Money

Divine Woman,
It’s your time to transcend your fear, frustration, shame and stories around money, so you can become a powerful money magnet and ignite your infinite abundance.      
It’s your time, Sovereign Queen, to heal your relationship with money, reprogram your wealth consciousness and clear your path for unlimited prosperity…

Unless you release the old, there won’t be any room for the new. This is your invitation to open your divine channels for receiving the sacred money that is your birthright and connecting to the universal supply of money that’s breathlessly waiting for you to claim it.  

It’s your time to be a Sacred Money Manifestor and I’ll show you how…
Join me for a LIVE Transformational Training on Divine Sacred Money…

Let’s liberate you from the chains of never having enough…

Let’s shine the light on your childhood wounds, the suppressed anger begging for you to let it go, and the dark corners of your soul calling to be seen…

Let’s reunite you with your Source, your power and your truth so you can call in the money you desire...

Are YOU ready to release, rewire and realign your vibration with infinite prosperity so you can become the wildly wealthy Queen of your dreams?


You can do the work at your own pace :)



This workshop sold out within days and for good reason!  It is entirely transformational! 


"These have been wonderful days since Saturdays class. I have felt at peace. I am literally working on being completely intentional with thinking only the thoughts that will serve a higher purpose. Literally stopping myself in my tracks. I know financial windfalls must be coming my way !! Thank you Randina for your kindness and ladies for your openness." 


"This am was so good! Listened and did my writings. I feel the vortex opening every time I do it! Its amazing:)



"Agree! My rich woman embraced my poor girl immediately! ❤❤❤I was bawling because I felt it. Same with the young insecure girl. TEARS/RELEASE 🙌❤"



"Just in case anyone was wondering if Randina or the Sacred Money Workshop was legit!! 

I have been actively doing every single manifesting trick out there for 20 full months to manifest this car!
Day 5 in the Sacred Money Challenge, I got word that we qualified for a loan, providing we came up with a down payment! Which was no big deal cause taxes were coming back within days right? Wrong! (Had some healing and forgiving to do) then out of no where, the money just showed up! Today! On a Sunday!! Serious! Randina is the real deal! Thank you Girl! I owe you soooo much! No more double buckling or taking two cars cause we didn't have enough seat belts! This is a huge relief! Just one day after the Sacred Money Workshop! Talk about rapid transformation!!


Sacred Money Workshop

Divine Sacred Money!

You’ll receive:

The complete Divine Sacred Money Workshop
The recordings of the Divine Sacred Money Workshop so you can listen back at anytime
The Sacred Money Workbook
The Divine Sacred Money clearing ritual   
Sacred money group clearings live on the call
Bonus: The Sacred Money 30 Day Miracle Audio

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