Sacred Full Moon Ritual

Welcome to the Full Moon Ritual!

This ritual will not only transform your limitations and old programming, it will also replace them with the ones you truly want.

Using the profound Divine Effect® Process makes this burn ritual unlike anything you have ever experienced and is more powerful than any other burn ritual on the planet!

Not only will you feel the release, the transformation, and the upleveling, you will seeeeee the effects of this in your life immediately. 

There is no greater power than that of the Divine. It's time for you to align with what you desire so you can experience your piece of heaven on earth.

Whether it's lack and scarcity you want to dissolve, or old relationships and poor health, this full moon process works quickly to bring in what you want in a happy and harmonious way. 
Radical Transformation is an understatement.


Plus, a 30 day manifesting process is included along with a powerful clearing statement to help you uplevel your inner world and your outer world in the blink of an eye! Aaaand a Divine Effect® Goddess Power and Angelic Blessings Meditation to fill your life with the Power of the Angelic and Goddess Realms.


Be sure you are in a space where you will not be disturbed, grab your paper and your blue pen, and get ready to release what no longer serves your highest good!

Download the Sacred Burn Ritual workbook and follow along with our Sacred Ritual!

You can use this sacred ritual again and again during any full moon or eclipse. 


What people are saying:

"wow!! my paper made a huge fire..! I have never seen something like that 😳😳wow.." ~Dania

"done, my list burned quickly yesssssss. it felt good. on to bigger and better things." ~Lili

"thank you Randina I’m so happy you did this tonight I needed it last night was a roller coaster and this brought me back to alignment..." 

"Wow Randina I have done a lot of burn rituals but none so powerful as this one." ~Meegan