FREE Sacred Money Challenge

Divine healer Randina Marie presents the  

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Let’s shed some light on your relationship with money…

That’s right, as you rewrite your money story, money can be one of the most healing tools on the planet.

All you need is a sacred MONEY intervention to realign your energy so you can heal your wounds, free yourself from scarcity and open up your divine channel to receive more than you ever dreamed possible.It’s time to stop freakin’ out over your bank balance or repeating the same rollercoaster feast and famine patterns over and over again. Let’s end that draining cycle now.

It’s time to heal your relationship with money forever. I’m going to show you exactly how to do that in this powerful, divine FREE challenge.



-The secret of tapping into universal support and divine connection to manifest money infinitely
-How to balance the divine masculine energy of giving with the divine feminine energy of receiving so you can get into the sacred flow
-How to create a financial windfall (even if it you can’t see any income on the horizon)
-The two-step process to magnetize yourself to abundance and unleash your epic power to create an endless supply of money
-Open your spiritual channels to align your energy with unlimited abundance 

The sacred money challenge will reunite you with the universe’s infinite supply of money so you can release, realign and rewire yourself for attracting more money without the stress and the struggle.

be prepared for financial windfalls, instantaneous pay days and surprise checks as you fall deeply in love with money

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If you want to invite more money into your life, you have to shift the way you interact with money. This is your opportunity to open yourself up to unlimited abundance, tap into your divine right to receive, and attract infinite amounts of money. It is your birthright as the Divine Daughter of ALL THAT IS



-Daily Divine Attunement/Activation Meditation For Sacred Money Flow
Energy Clearing, Healing and Divine Connection
-A Different Activity each day to Manifest Financial Flow
-A New Powerful Sacred Goddess  “I AM” statement
-A New Goddess Power Manifesto to boost your Attraction Power
Dancing in the Flow of Magic and Miracles