Join Randina as she guides you on the Sacred journey of transforming your life with The Power Of The Divine







Hawaiian Goddess Vortex Retreat™ 2023

Join us for an 8 or 10 day in-depth, transformational Goddess retreat, to fast track your journey, in joy and love, at the center of the Goddess Vortex DURING LIONS GATE PORTAL HAPPENING ON 8/8/2023. Experience healing and Soul merging like never before. Activate your light body and Ascend into your piece of heaven on earth. Get ready for a total life reinvention with genetic and energetic upgrades in the center of the Goddess vortex. Merge with your Soul, live the freedom based life you came here to live, FEEL YOUR TRUE POWER! The Goddess within you is waiting for you to say YES! to life. The Time Is NOW. Are YOU Hearing The Call?

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Creating Your Life By Design Metaphysical Retreat™ In San Diego, CA 2024

Join Us For A Transformational Weekend In Paradise! This Live 3 Day Event is In The Heart of San Diego, California, on the water front in Paradise Point. Together We Gather To Assist You In The Creation And Manifestation Of Your Deepest Dreams And Desires. You are being called to claim your inherent power! Learn how you can choose to live in the natural, consistent, graceful, creative flow as the Divine Woman that you are. Awaken and activate each and every chakra with profound healing, transformation and Soul merging. Heal your entire life and Become your most powerful self in mind, body, and Soul! Imagine, DISCOVERING YOUR SOULS PURPOSE and manifesting your life's vision, in less than 1 year. For yourself, for your family, for the world. Together We Rise!

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The Rise of the Sacred Feminine™ VIP IMMERSION

The Divine Feminine within you is ready to be awakened and ignited, to help you to live the life you came here to live.  The art of receiving your dreams is one that must be cultivated and honored. Join us on this sacred journey into the depths of your Soul, to learn how to harness and use this powerful energy to create your life, and live your dreams. Radically awaken your sacral chakra and heal your womb so you can receive all you dream of receiving. This program is designed to heal your sacred sexuality so you can live free as the Divine Feminine you truly are. SERVING YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE WHILE PROSPERING FOR DOING SO.

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Soul Purpose Sacred Wealth™ VIP 1:1

Soul Purpose and Sacred Wealth:
Transform your inner world limitations, discover and align with your Souls purpose and your wealth; engage the Power of The Universe and Manifest Your Hearts Desires. Transform your life through your chakra system, clearing and empowering each chakra and awakening your FULL POWER to create and live the deeply fulfilling life you deserve to live.

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Manifest The Love Of Your Life™ VIP 1:1 Program 

Manifest The Love Of Your Life and live in deep Divine Love and Profound Core Self Worth. This VIP 1:1 program will not only make you a magnet for True Love, it will teach you how to be the powerful creator you truly are, in alignment with your Soul! It is about coming to know who you are as a powerful creator and learning how to create your entire life, exactly the way you desire it to be from your heart. Not only will this program have you manifesting the love of your life, it will heal your inner wounding at the deepest levels and bring you back to the truth of your Soul, so you can have the beautiful loving relationship you truly long for. Transform patterns, limitations, and blocks to love, fast. Love, Joy, Happiness, and Blessings beyond belief become your new normal the minute you say YES! and step into yourself. 

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Sacred Society® Build Your Empire, Fulfill Your Highest Destiny VIP PROGRAM

This high level BUSINESS BUILDING VIP 1:1 Soul Purpose Program takes you on a deep dive into your Soul and Helps you build a business from the ground up, that truly expresses your Soul and makes the impact you came here to make. Discover why you came here and who you truly are at Soul level. Go from 1:1 to 1 to Many. Building an Empire that expresses your Souls purpose, changes the world, and grows your wealth all with using your own powerful energy and the benevolent nature of The Universe. Experience what it's really like to have true fulfillment and financial freedom, for expressing your Souls purpose. Receive financial remuneration for sharing your gifts. Go from 1:1 to 1 to many by expanding your purpose, your reach and leaving your legacy. Experience deep fulfillment and flow with a Benevolent Universe.

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21 Day Abundance Activation Challenge

Change your vibration permanently to one of Abundance and watch the flood gates of all you desire open and your manifestations rush in! Join us in this live experience where we come together every single day for 21 days, and experience daily Abundance Activations, and the Power of Prosperity flowing into your life in a powerful way. Become the open channel and receive all of your good! CONNECT TO THE POWER OF THE GODDESS AND MANIFEST MORE THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE!

"Abundance is not something we acquire, it is a frequency we tune in to." ~Wayne Dyer

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7 Day Manifest Your Dream Life Challenge

Discover Your True Power To Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams! You deserve to live the life you dream of living. You did not come here to live a life of mediocrity.

You came here to RISE, to be free, to learn how to create, and to experience the results of your creations, in real time.
Join in on this 7 Day Manifesting Challenge so you can remember your power to create, and manifest the life of your dreams.
During our time together you will:Discover and realize You deserve to live the life you dream of living, AND, LEARN THE PROCESSES TO GET YOU THERE, FAST!

Develop the manifesting skills needed to attract into your life what you truly desire to experience.

Receive 7 Days Of Manifesting Techniques to boost your power to manifest exactly what you want to experience.

Engage in daily Live's to take each day even deeper to catapult you into your desired reality.
Learn the exact techniques you need to get you unstuck and into the flow of synchronicity and Abundance.

Learn HOW to Connect to the truth of your own Soul and experience the guidance of Spirit like never before.

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