MANIFESTING & Healing Processes

Powerful Resources to Transform Your Life FAST

Book: Mastering the Keys to Manifesting 

Are you ready to know the real secrets to creating a Life you Love? Are you ready to understand how to get the Law of Attraction to work for you? Are you ready to Love who you are and miraculously attract anything you desire to you, including money, Love and perfect health? This active book is also a Divine Soulworkbook™, and it takes you on an in depth journey into discovering what you want out of life, and exactly how to get it. If you are looking to connect with your guides, the Angels, and The Power Of The Universe to create your life deliberately, look no further as you have been guided to your answer and here it is! 

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Healing & Happiness Guide

Take care of your body and your hormone levels naturally! Support it on a quantum level and raise your biological happiness set point with this guide! Speed up your healing process with specific herbal recipes for boosting your happy hormones and safely returning to your body's natural state of health, so you can be naturally happy every day. Plus, A very special Bonus segment on Food Programming. Manifest Your Desires Fast with this Sacred Ritual.

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Star Sirius 30 Day Money Program

In this Star Sirius 30 Day Money Acceleration and Activation Program, you will reprogram old money energy, and, align with your wealthy future. Watch your life and your powers rapidly transform in ways you never dreamt possible. Dissolve your money karma and align with the Star of Divine Love, to fill your life with the flow of wealth and abundant windfalls. Awaken your Third Eye and watch your life ascend.

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Chakra Balancing With Crystals, Sacred Oils And Goddesses

Activate and Balance your Chakras. Awaken Your Power To Create With Mother Nature and All Of Life. Transform your body, mind, and life and connect with your Soul and the Power Of All That is. Manifest Your Destiny. Heal and Harmonize Your Chakras In A Powerful Way And Watch Your Life Transcend.

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Creating A Vision Board That Works Like Magic

In this exclusive vision board training, you will not only learn how to make a vision board that works, you will also learn how to manifest the vision for your entire life using the specific proven sacred manifesting rituals, that have transformed so many lives. Live Your Dreams With A Vision Board That Works Like Magic.

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New Moon Wishes Fulfilled Ritual

In this powerful New Moon Wishes Fulfilled Sacred ritual, you will learn how to set wishes in a way they will be sure to manifest in the quickest way possible! This ritual is unlike anything you have ever experienced! Engage the Power of Celestial beings and the Power of your Soul to Manifest your deepest desires. This process works faster than you can imagine, time and time again! Get ready to experience the magic in your life! Enjoy!

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The Sacred Full Moon Burn Ritual With The Divine Effect®

This ritual will not only transform your limitations and old programming, it will also replace them with the ones you truly want.

Using the profound Divine Effect® Process makes this burn ritual unlike anything you have ever experienced and is more powerful than any other burn ritual on the planet!


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Earth Star Chakra 30 Day Transformation

Get ready to have your fears of life dissolved and your faith in life restored. In this 30 day transformational experience you will come to know what it feels like to be so connected with Mother Earth, that all of life just flows for you. You will learn a powerful transformational process for dissolving old belief systems and replacing them with new life supporting paradigms, that you can use for the rest of your life to manifest your desires at quantum speeds. Feel the power of Mother Earth and all of life on your side like never before. Watch your dreams manifest.

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33 Day Angel Mini Course

Meet and learn how to work with your Angels! Learn your Life Path Number! Discover the power of the Angelic realm within this 33 day mini course.
This course is designed for children, teens, and adults alike to learn how to connect with the Angelic realm for anything and everything you need. It is for anyone who desires to learn more about the angels and their powerful and miraculous energy.

~Watch as the bullying stops and your child feels more connected and confident; send your child off to school happy and at peace.

~Watch as your child feels more empowered and in love with their life.

~Witness your little one be comfortable and confident in their gifts as their inner world becomes peace and love.

~Witness the power of the Angels in your child's life as they come to know the power of their presence and love.

~Feel the power of the Angelic realm in your own life with this Angelic Activation Course.

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