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How Your Intuition and your Creativity were Squashed!

For whatever reason humans have evolved into a species that have become totally “Earthbound”.  We have reached a point where few dare to dream and even fewer dare to believe in their dreams.  Even the ones who do believe in their dreams allow “problems” to be interpreted as “signs”, and “failures” to be seen as the Universe or God, as somehow telling them to stop, that what they are after is not meant to be.  “It’s a sign” they say,  “I hit a bump in the road (or a sink hole), and it must mean this is not my destiny!” they say.  This is frequently the mindset taken when it comes to pursuing your dreams.  I get it.  It can be a tough road on the path to living your dreams in your physical reality, things rarely ever happen without a “cost”.  Most, unfortunately, give up just before the Magic occurs.  Never knowing how close they actually were, and dying with regret and bitterness, because their dreams were never realized.  You see, the problem I have with this whole mentality is….. IT’S BULLSHIT AND A LAZY WAY OF LIVING LIFE!  When you have a dream, and you want with all your might to experience this dream, NOTHING will stop you, NOTHING.  So if you give up or choose to believe in your “signs”, you must not have really wanted the thing you said you wanted.

The Universe works like this….  We have a goal or a dream, and depending on how big the goal or the dream is will determine how challenging your “lessons” must be, to mold you into the person who can fit the description of the dream you say you want.  The “stops” are usually not “stops”.  They are an integral part of your journey, designed to guide you to where your soul has decided you should go this time around.  Nothing happens by accident.  Now we get to choose what those things mean, and most times we choose to make them mean “it’s a sign”.  WRONG!  Here’s your sign.  You need challenges to strength train your physical self.  The situations that arise in your life are not problems.  They are challenges.  A challenge is something that creates a newfound strength within you.  A strength that is necessary for you to have so you can become the You, you say you want to be.  It usually isn’t until we look back that we connect the dots.  How about connecting them now?  If you have a dream, keep going.  You cannot meet demise when you are moving through the challenges designed to grow you.  Your level of difficulty will depend on how great your vision and your dream is.  The bigger the vision, the more challenging the challenges, but, the bigger the reward.  Think of how boring it is to climb a hill, vs. climbing a mountain.  The more difficult our journey, the sweeter the victory.  I know it doesn’t seem this way when you’re going through it.  This is because you have not elevated your consciousness.  Become the observer and you will see what the point of this blog is.

To make it easier for you to understand I will break it down for you. Our natural design is to be in connection with our intuition, our higher selves, and the Universe around us.  When we have a dream or imagine something, we play it out, we follow our guidance and we get to where we desire to be.  All experiences between the inception of the dream and the physical manifestation of the dream, are there to teach us what we need to know to get us to the next level to experience our dream.  What actually happens is…. we get here, we are told to stop imagining and that our imaginary friends aren’t real and are made up (making us feel bad), to stop day dreaming, to “get real”, to logically and “realistically” figure things out, and those of us who have stronger more active senses are made to feel like we are witches from salem, coupled with chaotic life experiences and poor choices of the adults in our lives, our left brain “fight or flight” responses are activated, disconnecting us from our Source, rendering us Earthbound.  Survival mode is in full force, and we “Forget”.  Life becomes a series of Unfortunate and “random” events and we lose our way.  The natural human design is to be creative, and in tune with our guidance system, aka our intuition.  A child’s imagination is very active and is exactly what is needed to create.  If we only looked at what is, there would be nothing to look at.  We would not have airplanes, phones, or any of the luxuries we enjoy today.  There would be no buildings, no cars, no clothes.  It took dreamers to create these things.  Dreamers who were dedicated to their dreams and never gave up until they were made manifest.  This is the kind of devotion you must have.  Unfortunately, this is the exact faculty that was conditioned out of us at early ages.  Children between the ages of 0-3 have a natural creativity rating of 95-100% depending upon what life experiences they had in their lives.  The same groups of children tested at 7 years old had a creativity rating of 5%…..  Ummmmmm….  Ok so what happens?  I will tell you!  Children are naturally creative and intuitive.  The adults and Society condition it out of them!  Because it was conditioned out of them!  And so the cycle repeats.

School is an enforcer of this conditioning, condition.  For example, my son is very intuitive.  Fortunately for him he has a mother who has had to overcome the cultural conditioning and encourages his abilities.  For two years in a row he got Proficient on his state testing.  How happy I was and congratulatory to him I was.  He looks at me with the most serious face I have ever seen, he was in third grade at this point, and he says “Momma, I guessed.”  I said in laughter “oh no, you silly, there’s no way”, and he said “yeah, I did, I just read the question and then I picked an answer, my stomach would tell me.”  I could not believe it.  For two years he told me that, and I did not believe it.  Then in his 4th grade class, his teacher discovered his methods while he was taking a math test.  “I need to see your work Deagan.  You can’t just give me the answer. I need to see how you got the answers.  Write out the problem.”  What do you think happened?  He began having trouble in math when before he would guess the answers and get them correct.  All of them!  He just knew.  My niece was the same way.  Once they were forced to shut down their right brain and “logically” break down the problem, they suddenly began disliking math.  We are taught to question our instant answers, when this is the truest form of an answer we could ever receive.  We are forced to logically break every thing down and dissect it to reach a conclusion, and so we do this with everything.  Instead of just listening to our gut, we are taught not to trust it.  Do you understand the delay this causes.  I am sure you can see.  We get so caught up in our heads, we have forgotten our hearts and our bodies are 5,000 times more powerful than our thoughts alone.  We have a guidance system and we have learned to discount it.  The primitive survival mode has kept us from hearing our true source and we remain disconnected, lost in the chaos of life.  Dreaming and losing hope in our dreams because we come to the conclusions that they are just not for us.  It is programmed into our consciousness that we must be “logical” and look to “reality” to see what’s possible.  Every problem we face, we use this left brain “structure”.  Look around you, you can see the amount of people who have bought into this crap.  Which is another reason why it is so hard to clear the clutter of your mind, because you see everyone else living this way, you think “see” and so your brain affirms it.  This coupled with the fact that most of us have experienced major set backs and traumas in our lives, so our subconscious mind is working against us (inadvertently) too!  We want to believe in God and a higher power, but even that has been tainted.  We are taught God is punishing, and if we mis-behave, we will suffer the consequences.  Ummmm NO!  We are here under free- will, correct?  Then why on Earth would we be punished now, and again when we die, for exercising our free will?  We wouldn’t.  The law of Cause and Effect, aka Karma, takes care of the energy we emit and brings it back to us.  It is not a God punishing you.  But, this is what we are taught.  We are also taught that everything is scary, and even if we want to live peaceful lives, we can’t because the world is in such a negative state, that we would be selfish to be happy “when there are people suffering”.  So, with all of this going on in the background of our consciousness and the fact that we have been disconnected from any sort of truth, you can see why people give up on their dreams so easily, or never even dare to dream.  Well, I am here to tell you enough!

You can begin to re-activate your right brain; the solution oriented, creative side of your intuitive mind.  You can bring it back to life, and reconnect in such a way that you will see everything that has caused you to be disconnected, was all for your highest and best. You can begin to practice this with your children and maybe one day we will never have to go through the “Earthbound” syndrome again.  We are supposed to be connected to our Higher selves so they can give our “lower” selves guidance, and we can direct our brains and bodies in the direction of our fullest potential.  How do you do this?  By doing all the things that cause you to activate your creativity and your intuition.  Coloring, Painting, Imagining, Drawing, Dancing, Connecting to the feminine energy, MEDITATION is the key.  Meditate everyday for 30 minutes a day, for 30 days, in silence, Become the observer, Use brainwave entrainment technology, Yoga.  Whatever you can do to awaken that inner voice of clarity and love within you.  Once you do this, you will naturally reconnect with your dreams and you will manifest them into your physical reality at quantum speeds.  You will know that all that is “put” in your path is to teach you what you must know or what you must do, to become the you you desire to be.  The journey becomes delightful.  This is the fastest way to allow all of your false programming to fall away.  Connect to the Divine and watch your life transform as if by magic.  Being connected in this way, brings you a sense of clarity you can only imagine.  You know what your dreams are.  You know that the Universe is designed to support you.  You hear your intuition loud and clear, and you know very well the difference between your intuitive voice and fear; Hint:  your intuitive voice never tells you to not do something, out of fear, it is always framed “in your highest and best”.  To be aligned with your spirit and your destiny is a blessing that cannot be described in words.
Aligning with your purpose and knowing you are being guided to it, is the most fulfilling of all human experiences.  You can train your brain, your body, and your environment into this “new” way of being, no matter where you are starting from, or how disconnected you have become.  Connect to the light and you will never lose your way.

“Harnessing the Power of the Universe”

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