How to become more Intuitive

How Your Intuition and your Creativity were Squashed!

For whatever reason humans have evolved into a species that have become totally “Earthbound”.  We have reached a point where few dare to dream and even fewer dare to believe in their dreams.  Even the ones who do believe in their dreams allow “problems” to be interpreted as “signs”, and “failures” to be seen as the Universe or God, as somehow telling them to stop, that what they are after is not meant to be.  “It’s a sign” they say,  “I hit a bump in the road (or a sink hole), and it must mean this is not my destiny!” they say.  This is frequently the mindset taken when it comes to pursuing your dreams.  I get it.  It can be a tough road on the path to living your dreams in your physical reality, things rarely ever happen without a “cost”.  Most, unfortunately, give up just before the Magic...

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