How to Break out of your Cacoon and really Live

What is the one thing that sets us apart from each other, and other beings on this planet?
Their thoughts.  The way they perceive. Their Beliefs.  This is what makes each of us different.  Our operating systems have been programmed extremely differently, even if we are a twin and in the same environment as another our entire lives.  We are radically different.  Why?
Everything we have experienced in our lives means something to us individually.  Everything.  Every word, every encounter, every person, every bit of information we are exposed to means something different to each one of us.  All of the information we are exposed to has been stored in our consciousness to mean something.  Think of the word Love, it means something different to every person.  Think of the name James, it means something different to every person.  Your brain will scan for your specific meaning and give you a conclusion.  We make decisions in life...

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