How to Break out of your Cacoon and really Live

as within so without creation law of attraction science Oct 19, 2016

What is the one thing that sets us apart from each other, and other beings on this planet?
Their thoughts.  The way they perceive. Their Beliefs.  This is what makes each of us different.  Our operating systems have been programmed extremely differently, even if we are a twin and in the same environment as another our entire lives.  We are radically different.  Why?
Everything we have experienced in our lives means something to us individually.  Everything.  Every word, every encounter, every person, every bit of information we are exposed to means something different to each one of us.  All of the information we are exposed to has been stored in our consciousness to mean something.  Think of the word Love, it means something different to every person.  Think of the name James, it means something different to every person.  Your brain will scan for your specific meaning and give you a conclusion.  We make decisions in life based on what things mean to us.  Most meanings are preprogrammed from early childhood when our brains are in subconscious storing mode.  In this mode there is no critical mind and our conscious mind has not been developed yet, so everything we are exposed to we program as Truth.  Everything.  We learn who we are in this phase as well, or, in reality, who others think we are.  As adults we are living out our lives based on the meanings we were given from other people. Our patterns and systems for doing everything from money to relationships are fragments of other peoples programming (the people we were exposed to).  Even if we manage to override some of this programming as adults, the core foundations that were stored as children, are still the root of the operating system.  To give you an example of how conditioned we are allow me to highlight a study that was done on children and their creativity.  Most children before the age of 3 have a creativity rating of 100%.  Creativity is intuition, dreams, imagination, connection to the truth.  Ever see a baby smile out of no where as if smiling at something?  Or how about children who have Imaginary friends, or the new star children who are coming to this planet right now who see things and have incredible verifiable accounts of past lives?  Our intuition is our connection to our higher self, our source of creation, right?  We are fully connected in early childhood.  We have no insecurities, only 2 fears, loud noises and falling.  That’s it.  Now take this same group of children at the age of 7, when your identity forms and your critical mind forms.  They score only 5%.  What happens between 3 and 7? Earthly programming and disconnection to Source.  Most of us come from dysfunctional families.  Even the ones who come from “normal” families still have dysfunctional belief systems that were installed.  We are a culmination of all that we have experienced, throughout all time.

We are programmed in 2 direct ways:  1 early childhood subconscious programming, 2 traumas.  When you experience a trauma your conscious mind shuts down so your subconscious mind can absorb all information.  During the subconscious programming literally thousands of meanings are being installed, and either add to the beliefs you already have, or create new ones, and they are not usually positive beliefs.  Most of these beliefs are beliefs about who you believe yourself to be.  You go throughout your life operating from these unconscious systems.  Every meaning you have taken on, dictates what decisions you will make and how you will feel.  What you believe, subconsciously, about yourself and who you, are will dictate what level of success you reach in your life.  My client  was having a hard time attracting a loving relationship.  She was attracting all the wrong guys.  Men who were controlling, men who didn’t value her, men who were unavailable.  She honestly believed there was something wrong with her.  She thought that she was faulty.  Have you ever wanted to reach a goal so bad and you just kept falling short?  What do you automatically think?  There’s something wrong with you.  Well when the deep unconscious root was pulled to the surface the truth was discovered.  She was abandoned by her mother when she was 3 years old.  Her mother gave her a “last bath” and left.  Left her in the bath and never returned. From that experience she concluded there was something wrong with her.  And that if her own mother didn’t want her, surely no one else would.  On top of that she concluded that if she loved anyone, they would leave her.  She spent her entire life with this subconscious system running her life.  Another client of mine Darlene, she wasn’t reaching the level of success in her business she yearned for.  She was putting all this time and effort into buying new programs and learning new things, yet she wasn’t getting anywhere.  She was struggling financially and emotionally as she put her heart and soul into this dream only to yield no results.  She was on the verge of launching a training company and kept sabotaging herself.  She had people interested in taking her courses, yet she was “never ready”.  She was procrastinating on doing the things she needed to do and spinning her wheels on things she didn’t.  When getting to the root of the problem it had nothing to do with her business.  It was linked to her fear of being successful, letting people down, and being in the spotlight for others to “pick on her”.  She was in an abusive relationship when she was a teen, and from that was traumatically conditioned to believe if she stepped out she would be abused, so in order to stay safe, she was subconsciously keeping herself where she was, the comfort and safety zone, no matter how uncomfortable and unsafe it really was, it was known.  You see when we have experiences in life, especially traumatic ones, we keep the vantage point we had when it happened.  Even if it happened 50 years ago, you will still have the same perceptual remembering as you did when it occurred.  Think of a time going to Disney land when you were a child.  or anywhere else.  Or think of your 10th birthday or whatever birthday you can remember.  See it, really see it.  You are there, you are that person, you are that age.  So you can clearly understand that frozen in time, is that version of you, who still thinks the way that version thought.  Think of something painful that happened to you when you were young.  You still feel that pain right?  Level 6-10, it’s still there.  Well that pain is what is guiding your decision making.  We think that because we have learned to cope, we have healed and are not effected by it.  This is not the case, again we have only learned to cope.   Our identities are shaped by our perceptions.  What you believe about yourself, and who you believe yourself to be will determine what you will experience in life.  In every area.  Your feelings command the energy in the Universe.  You are given free will and so you were blessed with the right to choose.  You choose this, you’ll go this way.  You choose that, you’ll go that way.  When your choices are influenced by your earthly programming and your false identity, it makes it very difficult to catapult yourself into your desired destiny.  Chances are you are catapulting yourself right back into the cycle of karmic density.  Having to learn lessons the hard way and experience failure over and over with little successes, in one area of your life or another.  This programming shows up in different areas for different people.  Some people can have stellar careers and problematic relationships.  Or visa versa.  The level of success or failure is determined by the programming; The meaning you give things.

When the above faulty programming was “reprogrammed”, my clients experienced instantaneous deep healing and instantaneous results in their lives.  Soul mate relationships were born, lucrative businesses were born, and empowered women were awakened.  This is typical with my work.  Astronomical results are normal.

The meaning you give things will determine the course of action you take.  Most meanings you have for “things” were appointed when you were a child.  You still hold the same meaning for each thing as you did when it was originated.  Since time has passed most of your meanings have been solidified, growing stronger with time, as time gives you the opportunity to “gather more evidence”.  We attempt to “get away” from things that are in our past that cause us emotional pain.  Well this “getting away” does not actually get you away from it.  It enables the emotions to direct your life.  You must heal your past if you wish to have a beautiful future.  It does not have to be as hard as sitting on a couch, digging through each trauma.  That is the old way of doing things, and for the most part is not as beneficial as the new Quantum healing that is available to us.  In fact, when you “rehash” your past you are doing it from the same emotional feeling place as you did when it happened.  This is counter productive.  The new way of healing allows your wise adult self to come to new understandings and at the same time, allow the energy of healing to occur at deep, deep levels.  When the root is healed, all other like wounds, are healed without having to dissect through each one.  It is miraculous and spontaneous.  This method of healing we call “The Divine Effect” is very scientific.  We all know on some level that there is a healing force within each one of our cells, this is why our bodies heal cuts without us having to think about it.  When you access the subconscious mind on a deep level, the healing will naturally occur.  My clients experience deep healing from a level 10 pain to a 0 within minutes.  This is not random, and every one of my clients experiences this, every one of them.  Patterns and limitations that were previously stopping them from living their dreams, are instantly reprogrammed and they experience a deep sense of power, rendering them unstoppable.  The Universe aligns according to the new signal they are sending out, and magic happens where ever they go.  A scene in the movie “Transcendence” sums it up perfectly:  “if you leave out even one subconscious memory, you are dealing with an entirely different person”.  This is what I do, this is my gift.  I sense the hidden subconscious blocks and barriers within people, heal old wounds and turn them all to power.

Think of the patterns and programs that are running your life.  It is happening without you knowing it.  You are on Auto Pilot, living your life as you.  Is it relationship trouble?  Is it your ability to make good money?  Is it your health and fitness?  Is it your spirituality or connection with God?  There are patterns running your life in all areas.  Think of the areas you are experiencing difficulty in.  You have faulty programming there.  This Universe is NOT RANDOM.  It is very precise and predictable.  You can live the life you dream of living.  All it takes is to discover what programming is hindering you from beneath the surface and transform it to power; at deep levels.  “You cannot solve a problem from the same level of mind that created it.” Albert Einstein.  “Until You make the Unconscious Conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it Fate.”  Carl Jung.  You must look at things from outside of the frame.  This takes guidance and another mind to help you navigate.  Imagine living your life from a place of power, rather than a place of protection?  You are a culmination of all of your experiences through out all of time.  Isn’t it time that you deliberately decide what you want to become, what is serving you, and what isn’t so you can move on in your life to your souls fullest expression?  I think it is.  The time is NOW.

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