Jul 27, 2019

Beautiful Kindred Soul,

While I was washing dinner dishes last night, I gazed out of my beautiful huge kitchen window, at my beautiful ocean blue colored pool, while my beautiful children played. In that moment, I had a flash of realization. You see just 3 years before that moment, I was washing dishes in a tiny 700sq ft, breaking down house, with a broken sink that never drained, and a window that faced my crack addicted neighbors mustard color cement wall (fun times! lol), dreaming and visualizing of the day I would be looking out of my big kitchen window, while listening to the splash of my pool, the laughter of children playing, and music playing on surround sound throughout my entire backyard and my entire home.  

When I remembered I visioned this... I was taken back at the truth, that I am now experiencing my exact vision, literally, every. single. thing., when in that past moment, I didn't have an extra dollar to save my life. I mean my children and I were living on top ramen and macaroni and cheese. If someone would have asked me "how are you going to do that?!", I wouldn't have had an answer for them. Thank Goddess the how is not your domain right?!  Now I live in a 4,000+sq foot mansion, that literally looks and feels like a magic fortress. 


Beautiful Soul, after I had this realization, I knew I needed to share this story with you because I know how lonely it was back then and I know how difficult life can be at times in the journey of awakening.

I also know how hard it is to try so hard to learn new things, and to do so much to change your life, while your external reality appears to be repeating to the same thing day after day.  Just know that things are changing behind the scenes, and I know this visioning process will help you get there even quicker. I know this because It has helped and does help, everyone I teach it to.


Before I share with you the visualization steps, I just want you to know, you are loved, you are not alone, and spirit is listening. I mean hey, you're reading these words, about to be given something that will change your life, and all for free. All you have to do is apply what I am going to teach you, and the best part is, it is fun! It is also a break from your current reality. A dreamland where you can create anything.

Obviously, you have to follow up with action steps and do your part when the Universe delivers you an opportunity that pushes you out of your comfort zone (because it will), but hey, your comfort zone is where you live now and I am sure you want to live in your dream life sooner rather than later, sooooo. Let's play with our magic of creation and imagination

Let's PRE-tend our realities because for one, it fucking works, and for 2, what the hell else are you going to do?! I know you don't want to keep living the same life, so let's go!


Visualization Magic Daily Practice:

When you visualize, you must engage all of your senses, and have an open heart, if you want it to manifest fast (this is why daily GRATITUDE is the #1 fuel to keep what you want coming towards you, after you visualize it).

The #1 most important thing is FEELING! People say to me, but Randina, I can't see anything I'm not visual. This may be true, but, everyone can feel. Your visioning faculty may become more active later, when you work on opening your psychic gifts through your third eye, for now, use your feeling. You can do it you've been doing it your whole life, and you do it every day. It's just that most of the time you are doing it for what you don't want, and not what you do want, so, until your brain is wired to only picture what you do want automatically, you'll have to do it deliberately for a while. But, at least you are being taught/reminded/shown how to do this on the daily :)


So here we go!  You can use this process for anything you want; be creative and play with it.


A new house: Stand at your kitchen sink and close your eyes. See what you want to see, feel what you want to feel, hear what you want to hear. Like in my vision, I heard laughing voices, kids in the pool, I smelled spaghetti from dinner, I imagined I was washing dishes in my new sink (with 3 sinks and a huge window looking out into the lush greenery) and what do you know? I am living it. 

Take a bath in your new bath; a shower in your new shower. Walk down your new hallways. Lay in your new room, in your new bed. Open your new refrigerator and see all your gorgeous food.

A new car: drive your current car like it is your new car. Put gas in it like its the car you want to drive. Hear people complimenting you on how beautiful your car is. Get in and out of it as if it is your new car.

A Happy family: when you write out your grocery list, imagine yourself cooking an amazing dinner and your family laughing at the dinner table (no matter what state your family is in, Keep doing it and it will happen). When you are grocery shopping see yourself making those meals; each night a different vision. See yourself laughing and making dinner with your loved ones.

TIP: Grocery shop with your headphones on while listening to some music you LOVE; this makes it easier to visualize, plus, you will be the happiest person in the grocery store, what a way to bless the world with your light.

*If you don't have a family but want one, do the same thing above in your mind with the family you dream of having, it will happen.

More Clients: Every door you open sing a little jingle "I am open and amazing new clients are coming my way, I am blessed and loved on this magical day", or, "doors are opening all over the place for me, I am living my life so happy and free". The action of opening the door and saying this jingle will be felt right in your heart (do it I bet you), and when this happens, new clients flow right to you. Why? because your heart is literally 5,000 times more powerful than your mind. 


Use your imagination. The only caveat is that you keep doing these kinds of things until your current reality changes. You must do your best to let go of "what is", and tune into "what will be", in order for it to happen fast. Either way it will happen, It only depends on how easy you allow it to happen ;) Get me?


If you have a challenging time only thinking about what you want, ask for Divine assistance to help you focus on your hearts desires. Ask the angels to help you visualize and feel what it feels like to be having the experience you desire (they can only help when you ask: free will). In fact ask them to help you bring into your reality what you are visioning.

The Universe and the Angelic realm want you to live from your heart, so of course they are going to assist you with the life of your dreams. You are a creator. It is your birthright to live the life you want to live, while you are here on this earth. It just is. Know this.  Your happiness is everyones happiness. You are an amazing woman with heart and I know this because you are here with me, reading this.

I hope you enjoy this little play time exercise, Spirit called me to send it ;) HAVE FUN! You are so loved.


I love you so!





This is next for me...



What is next for you?



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